Protect me from negative energy Sigil Chaos Magick Book of Shadow Printable
Protect me from negative energy Sigil Chaos Magick Book of Shadow Printable

How To Activate A Sigil

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So, you have a sigil, now what? How do you get the magick to work and activate the sigil?

Clarify the sigil’s intent.

  1. What exactly do you want the sigil to do?
  2. What would that look/sound/feel like?
  3. How will you know when your sigil has worked?

Define these points exactly. Do you want money? How much money exactly? Do you want success? What exactly defines success to you? How will you know when you have it? What do you have to attain to feel successful? What exactly must happen? Do you want love? Health? Prosperity? What would those things look like? What has to happen for you to know that your sigil has worked?

Visualize the sigil’s purpose

Once you have defined exactly what it means to have what you want, choose a random moment in time where your desires have come to be. Envision a moment in time in which your sigil has fulfilled its intent. Add as many details as you possibly can to this vision. Be mindful of as many details as possible. 

What do you see? feel? hear? taste? smell?

Questions to ask yourself to help bring your sigil’s intent to life:

  1. What does the space around you look like?
    Define it in full detail. For example, if you are indoors, what color are the walls? How is the furniture laid out? How is the lighting? Where is this place located? What do you see when you look out of the window?
  2. Describe the sounds you hear?
    Zoom into the moment and listen, do you hear? Are they chattering in the distance or are they talking to you? What they are saying? Are there any sounds of nature? Is there music in the background? If you are driving a car or a bost, what would the motor and wind sound like? Maybe you hear the sound of the pen signing a contract.
  3. Are you in direct physical contact with anything?
    Are you holding something? Is it big, small, heavy, or light? Are you hugging someone close? Can you feel the warmth of their body or their heartbeat? If you are driving, can you feel the texture of the steering wheel or the power of the engine?
  4. What is the atmosphere like?
    Is it hot, cold, wet, warm, sunny, middle of the night? What is the temperature like? What are you wearing? If you are outdoors, can you feel the breeze or the sun? If you are swimming, can you feel the water around you? What is happening around you?
  5. Are there any smells or aromas?
    If you are outdoors, can you smell the grass or the flowers? Can you smell the leather of your new car? Or the fresh paint in your home? Maybe it’s someone’s perfume or the smell of books and paper.
  6. What are you doing?
    What is the sensation that you are feeling? Are you standing, sitting, dancing? Are you having a barbeque? Mountain climbing? Drawing? Sitting with loved ones and laughing? Having an intimate dinner? In an office? Signing yet another multi-million dollar deal?
  7. How does it feel like knowing that you have what you want?
    Do you feel satisfied? Loved? Confident? Happy? Relaxed? At peace? Successful? Blessed? Content? Deserving?

Incorporate all the elements that exactly define what your sigil is meant to do.

How to activate the sigil with your intent

There are several ways to connect your sigil with your intent.

Universal connection:

Let a white light from above flow through you to the sigil. Let that light carry your intent with it into the sigil and activate it.

Charge your sigil through meditation:

While meditating on your intent, hold the sigil in your hands like a prayer and send it your energy. You can also blow your energy into it.

Energize sigils by drawing them:

Draw the sigil over and over multiple times while visualizing the outcome.

Active sigils through intense sensations:

You can charge your sigil through emotions such as sex, dance, pain, joy, or grief. Just think of your sigil and draw it over in your mind while holding the intent and experiencing the emotion to the extreme.

Incorporate energies of other elements and empower your sigil:

You can draw on the energy of crystals, herbs, incense, candles, color, etc to charge up your sigil.

Release the sigil’s energy into the universe by destroying it:

Draw the sigil on paper and burn it or rip it up. Draw it in the sand and let the waves wash over it.

Activate the sigil’s energy by keeping it coupled with yours:

Let there be an interaction of energy by keeping the sigil in your wallet, pocket, or locket. Hang it on the wall where you can constantly see, feel, and share energy with the symbol.

Create a ritual to charge up your sigil:

Depending on the intent of the sigil, you can choose the moon phase, hour, planetary alignments, colors, herbs, etc, and make a ritual.


There are many ways to activate a sigil. The most important steps are to clearly define the sigil’s intent and then visualize that intent. How you transmit that energy to your sigil doesn’t matter.

Basically, any way that you feel is right, is right. There are many ways to charge up your sigils with your intent, and all of them work just as well as the others. Some people like to destroy the sigil while others like to keep it on them and hang it on the wall. They feel the sigil’s energy and presence. It is very important to do what you feel. If you have your own way to activate your sigil, then that is the best way for you.

Send Gratitude

Knowing that your magick has worked, thank the universe for blessing you. Give gratitude for all the positive and negative things that have happened and to those that are yet to come, including your intent.