What Chakra Colors, Sounds, Vibrations, & Energy mean and how they can lead to good health & Healing

What Chakra Colors, Sounds, Vibrations, & Energy mean and how they can lead to good health & Healing

What Chakra Colors, Sounds, Vibrations, & Energy mean and how they can lead to good health & Healing

There are seven important chakras in your body and each chakra is associated with a particular colour.  These colours can reveal the positive and negative characteristics of the chakra so that we may know if a particular chakra is balanced or not.  We will now see briefly what these colours are and how they can affect our minds, bodies and souls. Only the positive will be mentioned here while the negative will be the opposite traits.
  • Root Chakra – Based on the spine. Colour red.  Courage will power and security.
  • Sacral Chakra – located in the naval. Colour orange.    Independent, ability to express feelings freely and creatively.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Located below the sternum. Color yellow.   Self-confident, well balanced,   alert, and full of good humour.
  •  Heart Chakra – Located at the centre of the chest.  Color green. Full of energy, in harmony with life and love and generosity.
  • Throat Chakra – Located at the throat.   Color blue. Loyal, calm, and honest
  • Third Eye Chakra – Situated above and between the eyes. Colour indigo.   Faithful, clear-sighted and sense of integrity.
  • Crown Chakra – located at the top of the head.    Colour violet.  Reverence, spirituality and knowing which path to take.

How sound affects chakras

Chakras usually respond to sound as well as colour and each chakra vibrates with a particular musical note. When you learn to visualize your chakras with their specific colour and tone you can give them back the lost energy and bring them back to their positive state. You can tune the musical notes by visualizing the colour while you hum the note at the same time. These notes can be the musical scale we all know (do-re-me) or music prepared for this purpose and sold in the form of CDs. When tuning your chakras, focus on each of them while visualizing their colours and tones.

Vibrations and energy

Whatever we do produces energy and energy is always vibratory. Even our emotions, the feelings we get when we touch or taste are all sources of vibration. How we feel from one moment to the other depends on this energy since we all have our own frequency of vibration. Crystals are normally used to raise or lower the levels of vibration and if you’re feeling too hyper, a lower colored crystal in yellow, black, brown or orange can be used to bring down or balance the level of vibration whereas if you need to have a higher level of vibration it would have to be in the colour ranges of gold, white, purple, green, turquoise, etc.

Key to Health & Healing

Chakras absorb energy from our thoughts and the atmosphere which is then fed to our body. It is the quality of the energy that goes through our body that affects our emotional and physical health. As long as all the chakras are well balanced, we feel healthy and good about ourselves, whereas filtering negative energy can make us ill. Although it’s not possible to keep all the negative energy entering our bodies at bay, we can change these into positive energy by keeping the chakras balanced. Basically, what you must do is to balance your chakras as soon as you get up in the morning and just before sleeping at night. This will definitely calm your mind and body and help you on your way to good health and heal whatever illnesses you’ve been suffering from.
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