Simple Meditation Techniques
Simple Meditation Techniques

Simple Meditation Techniques

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Simple Meditation Techniques

If there’s one thing that meditation brings, it’s the harmony of mind and body to help us deal with stress which we all seem to be struggling with constantly. Negative emotions we encounter daily such as anger, fear, envy and hate all take a heavy toll on our health both physically and mentally and the only way of overcoming these is through meditation which is a proven method of stabilizing our thought process in order to induce a state of relaxation and inner peace. There are many different techniques of meditation, but we will only look into the most basic and simple meditation techniques and how to go about it step by step.
– It is important to prepare yourself for a session of meditation if you really wish to make a success of it and the best way to do so is by planning your schedule.
– First and foremost you must think of a good time and place to carry out your meditation and if possible try to keep to it every day.
– Make sure you will not be interrupted during your session by switching off your phone and informing your family not to disturb you.
– It’s to your best advantage to set the mood by burning some incense and create an atmosphere that’s conducive to meditation by lighting some candles or adjusting the lights.

– Make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear and sit in the lotus position if possible; but if not, simply sit with your back straight. Never lie down because this might make you fall asleep which is not what you’re planning to do.

– Remember to relax every part of your body by using your mind.

Now let’s see the proper steps to be followed:

1. Your first step should be to take a deep breath through your nose at a count of 4 or 6 and hold the breath for a count of three. 

2. Then exhale your breath slowly through the mouth for a count of six. The most important aspect of this process is to concentrate on your breathing.
3. Clear everything else from your mind and think of the way you breathe; for example, you can imagine a background of clouds or sunshine to which your breath is being exhaled while taking in visuals of flowers or anything else that makes you happy.
4. With practice, it will come to you naturally and you will find yourself directing your focus to your breathing and thereby improve the process of meditation.
This is one of the easiest and best ways to learn meditation and although there are various levels and techniques involved, what is most important is to attain a state of consciousness to repair your mind and body with the aim of helping you to feel good about yourself. This can only happen if you’re able to empty your mind of all irrelevant thoughts and let the calming and soothing sensations of meditation take over you.
Once you have mastered the simple art of breathing, you have to keep on practising and repeating the same process every day until you don’t even have to think about it because your mind has got used to it naturally. A time will come when you realize that you can carry out meditation wherever you are; whether it’s in the midst of a crowd or walking on the main street because you would have by then attained a certain level where everything else can be simply wiped off from your mind with ease while you concentrate only on meditation.