You are currently viewing Gemini – their dual personalities and thirst for life and adventure

Gemini – their dual personalities and thirst for life and adventure

Gemini – their dual personalities and thirst for life and adventure

General Gemini Characteristics:

One of the easiest zodiac symbols to recognize is that of the Gemini. Born between 21st May and 20th June, Gemini represents the sign of twins which means they have dual natures and loves a life of freedom. One of their most positive traits is their ability to argue on any subject and it would be hard put for anyone else to win such an argument unless the other party is also a Gemini. Being highly individualistic they do not like commitment and unfortunately cannot be always trusted to keep their word. They are, however, very intelligent and likes nothing better than to add new experiences to their lives and prefer to be on the move to gain fresh incites and knowledge about anything and everything on earth and beyond. There’s no one like a Gemini to put a point across and get others to accept it; since they have this amazing ability to persuade people to see things from their point of view.

Gemini Man:

Women who fall in love with a Gemini man should be aware that any relationship with them might not last long. It’s very easy for a woman to be attracted to a Gemini because they do have a great deal of sex appeal and can be very caring and understanding as a friend. When it comes to relationships however, a Gemini man needs someone that can match him intellectually and gets bored quite easily if she cannot speak to his mind. A Gemini is more attracted to the inner workings of the brain than mere physical beauty and a woman who is unable to keep him entertained with a witty and intelligent talk will find her lover walking away from her sooner than later. Definitely, a man to be reckoned with and rather different from those born under other zodiac signs,  pursuing a woman is always a challenge to a Gemini; but the moment she gives in, he tends to lose interest. So girls, beware! But make no mistake because a Gemini makes a great friend and places a lot of value on friendship and the best way to reach him on a more personal level is by being a true friend who is ready to stand by him always.

Gemini Woman:

A Gemini woman is not that much different to the man.  Having a great sense of adventure, she likes to be on the move all the time. She also has an insatiable thirst for knowledge which makes her want to express her ideas constantly and a need for others to understand what she’s trying to communicate. Being extremely rational and intelligent, she has an inherent ability to analyze life and separate her thoughts into different compartments. But being so quick-witted makes the Gemini lady a nervous wreck at times since her thought process and the never-ending search for fresh experiences makes her mentally fatigued.  Just like her counterpart, the Gemini woman is attracted to men that are intellectually stimulating, but in her case she wants him to be attractive as well. Men too should be warned that as much as any relationship with a Gemini woman can be very stimulating, it might not run very deep or have any emotional intensity for her because that’s the way Gemini’s are.

Gemini compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Next to a Gemini man and a Gemini woman; they do well with an Aries because they have the same outlook on life and a thirst for discovery and adventure. With both having intelligent and dynamic personalities, this should keep them going for a long time. Taurus is also said to be compatible with Gemini but I’m not quite sure how this can be because the Gemini is very independent while the Taurus is very possessive. But then, there’s more to it than what the stars say and it’s up to the individuals to find the best traits in their partners and relate to those.