You are currently viewing Aquarius – and why they act the way they do

Aquarius – and why they act the way they do

Aquarius – and why they act the way they do

General Aquarius Characteristics:

Being the eleventh of the Zodiac signs Aquarius is the sign of people born between 20th January and 19th February. In General, Aquarians are regarded as very open-minded and tolerant, friendly and outgoing and at the same time very idealistic. They always have a fresh new perspective on any issue and tend to feel they have the perfect solution to many problems prevailing in the world. Having a rather unemotional disposition, their feeling is detached and of an intellectual nature which tends to make others think of them as extremely intelligent or crackpots. In order to understand them better, it’s important to get to know their personality traits and what makes them act as they do.

Aquarius Man:

The Aquarius man is a free and independent soul who is in empathy with everyone he meets. He loves socializing and is the type of person that is always looking for ways and means to reform others or make the world a better place to live in. Although initially reluctant to take the initiative in projects, once he gets hold of something, he will never let it go until he feels he has achieved his target. Extremely loyal and consistent he will share your joys and sorrows and be beside you as long as you want him to; but if you expect him to share his troubles with you, you’ll be very disappointed because an Aquarian man will never wear his heart on his sleeve. He also has this curious trait of being able to persuade others to take his advice; but would never accept advice from others or do their bidding, because he does have a very stubborn streak that makes him want to solve his problems on his own.

Aquarius Woman:

The Aquarius woman, like her counterpart, likes to be free and independent and the only way a man can win her over is by letting her go and allowing her to be free. With inherent honesty and strength of character, she sets her own pace and no one can easily influence her to do something against her will. Money and possessions are not a priority in the life of an Aquarius woman, but she does place a lot of weight on status and position which can be easily seen in her selection of men. She would rather choose someone who behaves well than a person who throws uses his wealth around to impress others. Trust means everything to her and she can be the most loving and faithful partner as long as per partner does not do anything to destroy that trust; because if that happens, woe be unto him because an Aquarian woman will never forget it for the rest of her life even if she finds it in herself to forgive him.

Aquarius compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Not being very expressive by nature, Aquarians both male and female don’t find it easy to express their feelings. They would find it much easier to discuss anything on an intellectual basis and tend to shy away from emotional outpourings. This makes it difficult for those born under other zodiac signs to relate to them easily. The Libra, however, is said to be more compatible with Aquarius because they know exactly how to win hearts. The Libra also has the capacity to give space to the other and this makes the Libra and Aquarius an excellent couple for a lasting relationship. Others in the line up more compatible with Aquarius are Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries. All of them make congenial couples and being born under signs that make them lovers of freedom, they do tend to get on well. While good communication is the key to a Gemini and Aquarian getting together, Sagittarius and Aries have many common traits in their nature that help them towards a cordial relationship. While Aries is said to be the least compatible with Aquarius, its worthwhile keeping in mind that love and understanding can be the greatest incentive for a successful and long-lasting relationship.