You are currently viewing Libra – Well balanced and diplomatic with the ability to charm everyone they come across

Libra – Well balanced and diplomatic with the ability to charm everyone they come across

Libra – Well balanced and diplomatic with the ability to charm everyone they come across

General Libra Characteristics:

Have you ever wondered what the Libra zodiac sign of weighing scales mean? If you have, it means that a Libran is one of the most balanced persons within and without.  They are also romantic, idealistic, loyal and stubborn and if you have a friend born between the 23rd September and 23rd October you can be very happy because a Libran has most of the positive characteristics of all zodiac signs. He is full of kindness and compassion and would be the last person to hurt someone’s feeling. They are in fact the best kind of friends to have and are very diplomatic and fair which make them have a large circle of friends who value the friendship of a Libran very much. One could say that the only negative trait of the Libra is his desire to be the centre of attention and absorbs praise like the proverbial blotting paper.

Libra Man:

Having a very balanced personality, a Libra male has the ability to look at any issue from both points of view and will also rarely lose his temper. Known to be very calm even amidst great turmoil, he may seem like a person that never wishes to take sides and people find this at times rather irritating. This also puts him among those who are indecisive thus preventing a Libra from ever becoming a leader with a purpose and a goal. They are however very good at charming people and their very charismatic personality draws women to them like moths to a flame. This, unfortunately, labels the Libran as a womanizer which makes many women wary of forming a long term relationship with them. They are also good debaters and they can hold forth on any subject just like the Gemini and loves nothing better than to keep talking for hours on any subject.

Libra Woman:

Charm comes easy to the Libra woman and she too is rather flirtatious with rather high opinion about her physical beauty which at times can be rather off-putting for most people. But it has to be admitted that the Libran woman is endowed with much grace and beauty apart from which, she is also intelligent and has the inherent ability to resolve difficult issues with her balanced outlook on life. They can, however, be very stubborn and indecisive and never likes to change their opinion once they have made it. They also hate criticism and would hold it against anyone that dares to criticize them, never wanting to admit to the fact that they might have faults. Libran ladies love the luxuries of life and will go to any length to buy the perfect pair of shoes costing thousands of dollar or the latest in designer brand perfume all of which land them in debt most of the time with someone else always having to bail them out. Her dazzling smile, however, can lighten any situation and there’s hardly a man that can remain unaffected by the charm and sensuality of the Libra woman.

Libra compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Librans should definitely pair with Gemini for the perfect relationship; that one could say was made in “Zodiac Heaven” So well matched are they that they not only share a great sex life but also mental compatibility with intelligence to match. Leo’s too make good partners for Libra because both have very passionate characters that can satisfy each physically and mentally. Both love romance and the idea of giving, which makes them suitable for a longtime relationship. The next zodiac sign that can hope to have a good partnership with Libra is Sagittarius. Being very outgoing and friendly, they would definitely enjoy each other’s company and go on to have a very satisfactory partnership in the long term.