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Pisces – Compassionate and imaginative dreamers, that has to be taken care of

General Pisces Characteristics:

If you know of even one Pisces personality, I bet you’re still trying to understand him or her because of its one of the most trying traits about them. Take a look at their zodiac sign and you’ll know what I mean. Two fishes looking in opposite directions depict them exactly. Does this not show how confused they themselves are as to what direction they should take? Those born between 20th February and 20th March come under the zodiac sign of Pisces and tend to live in a world of their own. Logic is not one of their strong points and they are known to arrive at their decisions more through an instinctive feeling of what’s good for them than through calculation. Emotional and highly strung, they are dreamers with great imagination and have a love for the aesthetics which is one reason why we see so many Pisces as actors, dancers and novelists.

Pisces Man:

Having a relationship with a Pisces man would be like living in a dream world if the partner has the same kind of sensitivity and spirituality. Pisces men can be extremely kind and gentle while being committed to making a success of their relationships. But be warned, he’s so sensitive that the slightest hurt can make him go to pieces and if he’s ever rejected there’s every chance that a Pisces might want to put an end to his life.  Not only do they suffer due to their own heartbreaks, but they also cannot bear watching their friends suffer either and will go to any length to help and support them. Lacking in self-discipline makes the Pisces susceptible to being influenced by others which keeps them away from any leadership posts and career advancement. Their inborn creativity, however, opens up enough and more opportunities in the field of aesthetics which Pisces take to like ducks to water.

Pisces Woman:

Pisces women are very compassionate and sympathetic but they too lack confidence and always feel the need to be protected. They will never be the dominant type and strangely enough does not like being dominated either. They work best on their own and will get on with their lives dreaming impossible dreams and weaving their own magic into their lives. This trait makes Pisces women shy away from the realities of life hoping there will always be someone to save them if things go wrong. The role of damsel in distress suits the Pisces woman well and this is fine as long as the one who comes to her aid has her interest at heart. If not, she’s bound to fall flat and go into a deep depression because a schemer can always take advantage of the Pisces woman’s indecisiveness for his own end. But, being a woman full of charm and a sense of vulnerability, men feel they have to protect her and this is exactly what the Pisces woman needs.

Pisces compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Pisces will get along well with those born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn. Since they are always looking for love and protection, a Pisces woman will find a Scorpio or Cancer man more attuned to her moods but she should definitely stay away from the powerful signs such as Leo, Gemini and Aries. There are however many other astrological aspects that come into play when selecting a partner and making a decision only on zodiac compatibility should not be resorted to.