You are currently viewing Leo – Arrogance, goodness, beauty and pride all rolled into one great character

Leo – Arrogance, goodness, beauty and pride all rolled into one great character

Leo – Arrogance, goodness, beauty and pride all rolled into one great character

General Leo Characteristics:

We all know what it means to be a Leo because the lion is after all king and babies born between the 23rd July and 22nd August have all the glorious traits of royalty and be it a man or woman there’s no hiding the good as well as the negative traits of this glorious creature. Undoubtedly strong of character, very outgoing and magnanimous, Leo is also capable of being sullen or boisterous and has an overblown ego which is in fact what motivates them to make that extra effort to reach for the stars.

It’s not possible to talk about the Leo without discussing his ego,   though I dare say   Leo’s might feel offended by this statement. This, however, is the truth because if you dare ignore them or fail to take their advice, nothing hurts them more unless it’s being lied to or cheated. Being absolutely proud, you’ll never come across a Leo that will ask for money or help;    but it does not stop them from getting up and going for whatever they want. It’s difficult to stop a Leo from achieving his goals once they set their minds to it and a challenge will always spur them on to greater heights.

Leo Man:

The Leo man is lazy.  He expects the woman to do all the work and to be at his beck and call. He can be extremely jealous and will want to know everything his woman does, but woe is unto the woman who has the gall to ask her Leo man the same question because what’s sauce for the goose is certainly not sauce for the gander. If all this seems very depressing, don’t be put off since you will never find life monotonous or boring with the Leo male. He’s exciting, adventurous and the epitome of human goodness who will go beyond the call of duty to protect the underdog. As far as romance is concerned, there’s none like a Leo and you’ll never be starved for love. Leo’s have this great desire to make everyone happy but make sure you thank him for his kindness because that’s what drives him to do even better.  Leo men cannot help being arrogant but that does not stop them from being lavish spenders or providing their partners with all the money they need and last but not least, he’ll be the best dad a child could ever have; so what more do you want?

Leo Woman:

The Lioness is as tough as they come, splendid in her beauty and regal in stature. The Leo lady is mother, lover, child and woman; all rolled into one and the man who does not recognize a Lioness and knows how to approach her is sure to get scorched by her fire and sarcasm. Leo ladies not only love to look good, but they also love to have beautiful homes and lavish surroundings but will not be the ones to maintain them because housework and Leo ladies just don’t go hand in hand. For them, it’s all about class and status and any man who is not able to come up to her level will rue the day he met her. Being extremely sentimental, although she can hide it pretty well, she will give her all if you can provide her with the love she’s starved for, in which case, she’ll be yours for life.

Leo compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Leo’s and Aries will either set the world on fire or crush each other with their firepower since both have hot tempers. They are however extremely compatible provided they can sort out individual issues and make a go of life together. The getting together of a Leo and Gemini can be a match made in heaven if they can understand the various issues they face and resolve them amicably while most other signs such as Scorpio, Sagittarius and Libra too can make great music with Leo’s if they have the patience to work at their relationship.