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Capricorn – the Complex Nature of their Sign

Capricorn – the Complex Nature of their Sign

General Capricorn Characteristics:

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the goat. Those born between 22nd December and 20th January come under this zodiac and are said to be both practical and disciplined which are the most prominent characteristics of the Capricorn. If you see someone who cannot be easily ruffled by mundane things and carry on with a lot of patience and forbearance, you can bet your life that he or she is a Capricorn. They seem to build a wall around them or at least act as if they are oblivious to their surroundings. Such long-suffering patience and caution can at times be very irritating to others unless you know what makes them tick and learn how to infiltrate their shells. Their obvious restraint, however, has a meaning behind it because the Capricorn is a very ambitious character and will do his own thing until he reaches his goal, which believes me he will with his inherent intellect coupled with his introvert personality.

Capricorn Man:

Capricorns are not only ambitious; they are also very cautious by nature and will hardly trust anyone they don’t know very well.  They are also very reticent and will never initiate a conversation with a stranger, all of which is a part of their characteristics that lead them to become very successful people. Although no one will know it, the Capricorn man is extremely ambitious and everything he plans and does is for the ultimate goal of achieving power, wealth and status. If this sounds very mercenary, they’re not, it’s just their way of doing things and once you gain their trust and friendship, a Capricorn man can be one of the most trustworthy friends or business partners one can have since they are extremely dependable creatures to have around.

Capricorn Woman:

The woman Capricorn is no second to the man in ambition. She will leave nothing to chance to reach her goals and will strive as hard as the Capricorn man to reach the highest position possible. If for some reasons, this is not possible,  she will make sure that she’s the wife of a successful man because power, position and wealth mean everything to her. Not only is the Capricorn woman beautiful, loving and sexy, she is also intelligent and practical, yet cautious in her dealings and considers her duties and responsibilities more important than anything else. Once again, although not one to pour out her feelings, those who win her over will find her to be a very loving and caring woman who can be depended on at all times. When it comes to love, only the man she cares for will know how much she loves him, but neither the Capricorn man or woman will ever go overboard with their feelings or act passionately towards one another.

Capricorn compatibility with other signs of the Zodiac:

Capricorns can be lonely souls because of their very characteristics that make them wary of reaching out to others or expressing their feelings. They, however, do get on well with Taurus, Virgo and surprisingly well with the fiery Leo and Sagittarius. Loving a Capricorn however, can be either bliss or hell depending on the zodiac sign of the partner and even so it can be very complicated because of the reticence of the Capricorn. The signs mentioned here are more compatible than others and therefore have a better chance of making their relationships work if they love each other very much and try to understand the complex nature and characteristics of their different zodiac signs.