Protection and shield against evil negative energy attacks
Protection and shield against evil negative energy attacks

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Protection and shield against evil negative energy attacks

Did you know there are more chances of being harmed from negative energy directed towards you than actual physical harm through accidents or sickness?

In our everyday life, we are continuously being bombarded with negative energy, whether it is through words, psychic energies, jealousy or even going as far as pure evil spells and curses from people full of hatred and spite.

Stealing your energy

How many times have you been in a situation when you meet someone who suddenly drains all your energy? where you feel completely drained and even tired and exhausted.  These are people who steal your energy, and they do that because they direct negative energy towards you.  They send you a surge of powerful dark negative energy which attacks you directly.  This surge of negative energy might be directed towards you intentionally or sometimes unintentionally.  The source of such strong negative energy is more often than not the result of jealousy and spite.
The person stealing your energy could even be a complete stranger or someone you have never met before, yet you immediately feel them sucking your energy away.  How could someone you have never met be so spiteful or so full of jealousy, and why?
The answer is simple.  Some people are full of jealousy of everyone and everything.  These people have very serious problems, and they somehow fail to see what they have been blessed with and will envy everyone else for whatever they have, such as looks, personality, wealth, being loved, you name it, they envy you for it.

Are you vulnerable to psychic attacks?

Negative and dark feelings are very powerful and manifest themselves in many various ways that can attack and hurt the person they are directed towards unless that person is shielded and protected.
Most vulnerable to these psychic attacks are children and people who are low on energy, or those caught unaware, while their defences are down.
It is not true that weak people or those with weak personalities are the easiest harmed. All of us at one point or another would have our defences down and would be caught as victims to such malicious people. Your defences are usually down when relaxed or being in a happy social gathering, when surrounded with friends, where you feel safe, after a few drinks, or when tired physically or mentally, when overworked, or have had little sleep.
The situations are countless in our lives when our defences are weak, and negative psychic energy can do us a lot of harm, even going as far as making us feel ill, or having physical pains that cannot be explained by medical reasons.

Effects of psychic attacks

The most common harm that can be inflicted upon a victim, is the stream of bad luck that can follow such a psychic attack. Sometimes even affecting physical objects that get broken for no apparent reason, such as mirrors or glass breaking without being touched, bulb lamps blowing and chattering, or mechanical failure of electrical and electronics, or even your brand new car just refusing to budge after being “admired” by a psychic attacker.
The effects of bad energy cannot be counted or specified in one article.  There are all sorts of effects that can follow, sometimes instantly after the attack, the victim might fall and hurt themselves, and this is a very common effect.  The worst attacks have been known to cause so much damage as to even cause death in some instances.

Shields and cures

In many cultures around the world, people call this energy stealing or psychic attack the “evil eye” and many cultures have different kinds of cures or defences against such attacks.
The most common way is the popular “touch wood” phrase, followed by knocking on wood to avert the “evil eye” or bad energy attack.  While this does work against small attacks, usually from people unaware that they are sending the negative energy.
For more severe attacks from malicious people with the intention to harm, people use more powerful cures and defences to shield themselves from such harms.  Many of the most powerful cures are based on religious rituals.
While other cultures use the power of natural stones, especially those coloured blue like the turquoise stone, which they wear to shield themselves from the “evil eye”.
If you are interested in acquiring any of these shields and cures, Magik Charms is making available to you anywhere in the world these powerful cures that can protect you and your loved ones from evil prying eyes, and envious scrupulous people.