Personalized Protection Shield


Personalized Protection Shield Middle Eastern Folk Magick PDF Custom Made Spells Protect the Ones You Love



Personalized Protection Shield – Middle Eastern Folk Magick PDF Custom Made Spells Protect the Ones You Love 

Personalized Protection Shield:
A custom spell to protect the one you love from all harm’s way, keep them safe at all times, ward away the evil eye and all evil intentions, and protect them from all negative energies like envy, jealousy, spite, or simply pure evil.

This spell is very powerful and works best for those you truly love dearly, and those that love you back such as yourself, husband/wife, parent, sibling, child, very close friend, etc.

Based on Middle Eastern folklore, angels are summoned to protect the one holding the shield from all harm.

What We Need from you:

  • If the spell is for you –
    We will need your first name and your mother’s first name,
    eg: Jack, Pauline
  • If the spell is for someone else –
    We will need THEIR first name and THEIR mother’s first name.
    eg: Jon, Caroline
  • Your preferred email so we know where to send the PDFs once the ritual is over.

Make sure to add this information in the “Additional Information” section during checkout.

How It Works:

This is a custom protection spell that will be performed for you personally.

We will perform a special protection ritual for your shield and summon the angels to guard over the holder of the shield.

We will email you the PDFs within a week.


You will receive two PDF files by email.

Tarot Card Protection Shield Print – PDF 1:

A PDF file with the card cover of an angel on one page and the protection spell in Arabic and English on the second page. No Watermark.
Both PDFs are Vector Design, High Resolution, & Scalable to ANY Size.

Pocket Print Protection Shield – PDF 2:

Print the protection shield on a white piece of paper, cut it out, fold it, and give it to the person it is intended for.
Place it in a wallet, locket, pocket, under the bed or pillow, in the closet, etc.
Print on a card and keep it in a purse, desk drawer, altar, etc.
Alternatively, you could print this, frame it, and hang it on a wall somewhere in your home since it is scalable to ANY size.

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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution