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Online Turkish Coffee Cup Reading –  Clairevoyant Psychic Fortune-Telling Tasseography. I will email you the results as a PDF with pictures highlighting the symbols that I see.

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Virtual Coffee Cup Reading

Turkish Coffee Cup Reading –  Clairevoyant Psychic Fortune-Telling Tasseography with Pictures

Are you searching for signs from the universe? Looking for coincidences? Waiting for the cosmos to tell you something? Or the angels to guide you? Or do you simply want some fun hints on what could happen next?

One of the fun and definitely more entertaining ways to speak to the energies surrounding us is by reading sediments and in this case, Turkish coffee sediments.

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Turkish coffee cup reading is an old Mediterranean tradition, where Turkish coffee reading is very popular in many Eastern countries.

After drinking the Turkish coffee in a white cup, the saucer is placed on top of the cup. Then, the cup is swirled 3 times in a clockwise motion while the person thinks of an issue, or makes a wish. In one quick movement, the cup and saucer are flipped upside down and the cup is removed from the saucer slowly. While it’s still facing down, the cup is then slightly tilted and placed on the edge of the saucer and left to dry.

Then, after five minutes, the coffee cup is then turned and the symbols that appear from the remaining coffee sediments are interpreted by the fortune teller.

It is important to drink your coffee in a plain white cup. The contrast of dark brown coffee on the white cup makes images sharp and easy to read.

Interpreting Turkish Coffee Cup Sediments

Turkish coffee reading symbols are shapes and have meanings that may differ from culture to culture. Some of the symbols have universal meanings, while others depend on the person reading the cup. Some interpretations are read according to the symbols’ location in the cup and in relation to other surrounding symbols. In the Turkish tradition, coffee readers often interpret the cup as being divided into horizontal halves: symbols appearing on the bottom half are interpreted as messages regarding the past, and symbols on the top half are messages regarding the future. Other traditions divide the cup into three sections, and some into five, whilst others just read the cup as a whole.

It is true that two different readers can interpret the same coffee cup reading in diverse ways. In Turkish fortune-telling, there is no right or wrong.

Due to this fact, every reader has a unique way of seeing shapes in the cup. His or her talent to interpret them and weave them to a concrete conclusion makes the difference.

Turkish coffee cup reading is an art and culture. Normally everyone loves their cup of coffee, and people socialize together to drink coffee and then someone gifted would read the coffee cups to all the others, one at a time.

Since I was a teenager, I discovered that I can visualize and interpret coffee cup symbols easily. Friends and family members keep coming back for more readings as they say I am really good at reading their coffee cups.

The readings I offer are 2 pages long and will be emailed to you as a pdf.

What I Need From You:

  • If the spell is for you –
    I will need your FULL name
    eg: Pauline Maria Smith Jackson
  • If the spell is for someone else –
    I will need THEIR full name.
    eg: Caroline Henderson
  • Your preferred email so I know where to send the PDFs once the ritual is over.
  • If you have a question send it along too, unless you want a general reading

Make sure to add this information in the “Additional Information” section during checkout.

How The Coffee Reading Works

I begin with a simple meditation to declutter my thoughts and attune myself to the universe and the energies that surround me.

Then I make the coffee, drink a cup, and turn it over in your name all the while meditating upon you and your question.

When I start reading your cup I write down the symbols that I see based on intuition and on how I feel the cup “speaks” to me.

The readings may be choppy at times in that they jump from thought to thought, I don’t filter or revise them since I believe that this is what the universe is telling you. Their meanings are symbolic and should be open to interpretation. The symbols in Turkish coffee cup fortune reading are not always sharp or have very clear pictures or illustrations. Using my intuition, vision, and talent I bring them out.

I will email you your reading as a PDF file with photos of your cup within 2 days.

What You Will Receive By Email

You will receive your reading as a PDF file by email. The reading also includes pictures of your cup with the symbols that I saw highlighted.

The reading will be delivered within 48 hours. If you don’t receive it within 2 days, please contact me, sometimes it may take me longer depending on how many I have to read at one time. And thank you in advance for your patience!

*For Entertainment only 18+
*The reading you purchase can not be a substitute for professional help, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advise or care. A reading is subject to your own interpretation. Under no circumstances will the reader be liable to any user regarding the use of this service. The maximum liability shall be no more than the fee user has paid.
*By purchasing this reading, you are stating that you are 18 years and older.


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