How Psychic Scammers find their victims
How Psychic Scammers find their victims

How Scammers find their victims

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How Psychic Scammers find their victims

It’s a real shame how psychic scammers prey on the most vulnerable people and get them to part with their money on the promise of alleviating their problems. They have a knack of identifying those with problems and target them as they are the easiest to be duped. When someone is at their lowest ebb, physically or emotionally, their will power is weak and they don’t have the capacity to think clearly or logically. Scammers can spot these people instantly by their talk, their action and mostly their outward appearance of defeat and desperation written all over their faces.
When a desperate client approaches a psychic its obvious to a genuine clairvoyant that the person concerned is in great pain of mind or body and first and foremost help them to relax and offer them hope. A fake psychic on the other hand use various underhand tricks to get the victim talking so that unknowingly they will reveal a lot more than they’re ready to say the first time. This helps the psychic to learn about the victim and throw in some keywords that will surprise him and make him believe that this is truly a genuine psychic who knows so much about him even without knowing him.
A scam psychic can also identify someone grieving for a departed loved one and will know at once the best path to take to victimize him. She will pretend she’s able to contact the spirit of the dead person and they are so clever at what they do; the unsuspecting victim who’s really grieving will readily accept the offer. This is where the money comes in and for this type of “psychic service” he will have to pay quite a sum, but the client will consider it worthwhile if she can get some feedback from the loved one who has passed away. Once this happens and the victim has been passed a message from the world beyond, she will be hooked for life and keep coming back for more of the same. This, unfortunately, is a scam that’s taking place daily with many people getting caught to it, mostly because of their sheer desperation in wanting to believe in it.
Be wary of the psychic that looks exactly like what you would expect them to look like, vague, mysterious and dressed in strange clothes which are not how a genuine psychic look. They are as normal looking as you and I are, and their special talent is hidden and used only when someone needs help. They don’t go around looking as if they’re in contact with the other world all the time nor they threaten you with death and destruction if you don’t follow their instructions. It’s however very difficult to identify a fake from a good psychic because there’s no physical proof or evidence to prove how true or false their predictions are.  Furthermore, a psychic can only indicate what might happen but never tell someone that she can win a lover back because there’s a matter of ‘free will’ involved.
Remember however there are truly gifted psychics who are blessed with the ability to foretell the future and guiding people into finding happiness. Using their services will help to gain spiritual freedom and positive energies to enhance and improve our lifestyles.