What you need to know about “free psychic readings”
What you need to know about “free psychic readings”

What you need to know about free psychic readings

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What you need to know about “free psychic readings”

My first question when I hear about free psychic readings is how can anyone afford to give anything away free these days? Whenever something free is offered, you always feel there’s a catch somewhere or whatever is offered at no charge cannot be of any worth. Can this be true when it comes to psychic reading as well? Psychics are very much in the news these days with many people consulting them to find answers to their problems or having their future read. Finding a genuine psychic is not easy because of there being thousands of unqualified people posing as clairvoyants to earn a quick buck. In this context, how much can you trust a free website? At least even if you’re duped, you can console yourself because you didn’t have to pay anything. But wouldn’t that make you lose trust in the concept of “mind-reading” itself?

One great advantage a psychic has; be she good or bad; they don’t actually have to prove anything at the time of reading. No one expects their lives to change in front of their eyes or whatever ailment they have to be cured immediately. Most psychics depend on this to carry out a lucrative job by requesting their clients to take part in rituals and spell casting for which money is always asked for. Therefore why would anyone want to offer their services free? Are they that community-minded they want to help people or are they trying to get a foothold on a platform that’s not easy to access because of the thousands of others already there?
We have always been made to believe whatever is good is not cheap and whatever is cheap is not good. Well in that case, shouldn’t we apply the same philosophy to psychic readings as well? On the other hand, you will notice if you access any of these sites, although they say they offer free readings etc. that’s only to a certain limit. What they actually do is whet your appetite thoroughly with a brief character assessment and the potential you have and then ask you to pay money to get the full reading sent. There are many who simply cannot resist knowing what awaits them especially if the psychic concerned says she will let you know certain dates on which some fantastic things are waiting to happen to you, especially if you’re prepared for it etc. and who can resist that?
The psychics that provide everything free are most probably trying to gain a name for themselves because it’s difficult to become famous in a field that has already been conquered by well-known names. There’s another side to free psychics and that is, it’s people who are not really serious about psychic readings or wanting some fun that consult these free psychics. Anyone who’s really serious about their future or want help desperately will prefer to pay for the service. So the next time you feel like consulting a psychic, think of all these aspects and decide what kind of psychic reading you require.