Family Protection Shield


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Middle Eastern Folk Magick Family Protection Shield

Family protection spell:
This incantation is directed to protect your whole family.

The chant is performed to create a shield around the whole family and to keep you and your loved ones safe from envy, evil powers, negativity and any harm wished towards you or your family members.

What You Will Download

Pocket Print:

A PDF file with the spell in written Arabic on one page and an English translation on the next. No Watermark.

Tarot Size Card Print:

A PDF file with the card cover design on one page and the text in Arabic and English on the second page. No Watermark.

Both PDFs are Vector Design, High Resolution, & Scalable to ANY Size.


Pocket Print:

Print it on a white piece of paper, cut it out, fold it, and keep it in your wallet, pocket, locket, under your pillow, etc.

Card Print:

Print on a card and either gift it or keep it in your purse, desk drawer, altar, etc. Alternatively, you could print this, frame it, and hang it on a wall somewhere in your home since it is scalable to ANY size.

Hold the prayer in your hands and put it near to your heart, then close your eyes and imagine this large white positive shield of energy engulfing you and your family and make it grow larger and larger until it engulfs all your home and surroundings. Feel the warmth of the shield and see the sun rays energizing the shield.
After a few moments, open your eyes, fold the prayer and keep it somewhere near to you at all times.
At any time you need to feel strong protection, unfold the prayer, put it close to your heart, and repeat as above.


Additional information


Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution



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