Chakras Metaphysical Properties


27 page Chakra beginners guide How to cleanse, open, and balance your chakras Chakra metaphysical properties & associations Digital PDF Download



A beginner’s guide to chakra healing.

Chakras’ metaphysical properties for healing, energizing, and activating your chakras.

Keeping your chakras healthy and balanced is essential for a healthy and balanced life. Learn what each of your chakras represents and how to open them up. Know how to activate your chakras through yoga, mudras, sounds, crystals, foods, smells, etc.

Purposefully stimulate your chakras for a healthier, happier you.

A detailed cross reference guide to chakra basics for beginners.

Chakras Metaphysical Healing Properties & Associations for Beginners. Digital-PDF Download.

1. Cover page
2. Chakra yoga positions
3. Chakras & the body
4. Chakra basics
5. Chakra energy
6. Chakra Alignments
7. How to balance your chakras
8. Natural stones and chakras
9. Chakras & food
10. Aromatherapy for chakras: Incense & oils
11. Names & signs in Sanskrit
12. Vibrations & chakras
13. Mudras & chakras
14. Two-page spread for each of the seven chakras

Chakras Associations for:

Sanskrit name, Color, Location, Affirmation, Symbol, Center Shapes, Characteristics, Element, Planets, Day, Metals, Root Phases, Dominant Cycles, Energy State, Number, Demon, SEFIRAH, Balances, Bija Sound, Musical Note, Saregama Scale, Solfège Scale, Instruments, Vowel Sound, Frequency, Sense, Mudras, Body area, Endocrine Glands, System, Yoga Poses, Crystal, Aromatherapy: Oils / Incense, Food groups, Foods, Fruit & Veg, Herbs & Spices, Aromatherapy: Herbs Spices Oils Incense, Balanced / Open, Imbalanced / Blocked, How to Unblock, Orientation to Self, Function, Identity, Results, Meaning

TWO DIFFERENT versions – full color and a printer-friendly black and white with some color on a transparent background, which is great for printing on your own paper.

Digital Download:

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