Moon Phases Properties Pack


Moon Phases Magick in Witchcraft – Luna Pack Moon Phases, Properties, Associations – Digital Grimoire Pages for your Book of Shadow – PDF Download



Moon Phases Magickal Associations, Names, Meanings, Metaphysical Properties in Witchcraft Printable BOS grimoire pages Digital PDF Download.

The complete Moon Phases Magick Pack is for both the beginner and novice witch.

Learn the basics of Moon magick and how to pair your intentions with the Moon. Know what are the best spells to cast on a waning moon, which rituals are best for a waxing moon, and which intentions pair with the astrological moons.

You can cast a spell anytime you want, but matching your intentions with the moon, months, and astrological moons can give your spells that ‘magickal’ boost.

The pack includes 21 spells and rituals to help guide you along your way including how to Draw Down the Moon, 9 blank templates for you to fill out your observations, correspondences, thoughts, spells, etc.

Incorporating the moon’s energies with your Magick draws upon her power and boosts your magic, if that is your will.

Moon Phases Magick Pack

36 Printable high-resolution JPEGs for your Book of Shadows.

Available in full color on a vintage background and in full color on a transparent background, great for printing on your own paper.

Moon properties pack digital download includes:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Moon Properties & Basic Correspondences
  3. Moon Phases
  4. Moon Cycles
  5. Astrological Moons
  6. Eclipses
  7. Triple Goddess Symbol & Meaning
  8. Lunar Deities
  9. The Old Farmer’s Almanac Moon Names
  10. Spells & Rituals for Moon Phases (2 pages 17 spells & rituals)
  11. Drawing Down The Moon ( Ritual + template to journal your outcomes)
  12. Moon Water, Full Moon Scrying, Knot Spells
  13. Quick Full Moon Correspondences for the Months
  14. Monthly Full Moon Properties including full moon name, moon name origin, the reason for the name, other full moon names, and metaphysical correspondences of the elements, colours, herbs, trees, stones, animals, and deities.
  15. 2023 Moon Phase Calendar
  16. Moon magick Template
  17. Weekly Moon Record
  18. Moon Cycle Tracker (28-section wheel)
  19. Moon Phase Tracker (28 moons)
  20. Monthly Moon Cycle (30-section wheel)
  21. Monthly Moon Phases (blank monthly moon calendar)
  22. Moon Phases Blank
  23. Moon Cycles Blank
  24. Astrological Moons

Luna Pack PDF Download:

PDF 1 – Full color JPGs on an aged parchment paper background.

PDF 2 – Full color PNGs on a transparent background so you can print on your own paper.

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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


8.5 x 11 inches