Weekdays Magickal Associations


Beginners guide to the weekday’s magickal associations and metaphysical properties in witchcraft to aid in your practice and boost your spells, potions, and rituals. 28 page digital PDF download.



Weekdays Magickal Associations

A detailed cross-reference guide to the weekdays’ magickal associations in witchcraft.

Book of Shadows Grimoire Pages. Empower your magick by drawing upon the energies of the weekdays and their magickal properties. Cross-reference meanings, alignments, properties, etc of the seven days of the week in Wicca. Incorporating the daily energies with your Magick draws upon their power and boosts your magic if that is your will.

The Weekdays Magickal Associations

28 Printable high-resolution JPEGs for your Book of Shadows.

Two Printer-friendly versions are included.

Days Of The Week Properties Pack:

  1. Cover Page (Chaldean Sequence also available in reverse)
  2. Energies, Origins, & Days of the Week
  3. Planetary Bodies & Days (Chaldean Sequence also available in reverse)
  4. Weekday Property Chart
  5. Chakras & The Days
  6. Lucky Daily Charms
  7. Colors of the Week
  8. Animals Daily Associations
  9. Botanical Daily Associations
  10. Aromas, Scents, & the Days
  11. Crystals, Rocks, & Minerals Daily Associations
  12. Gods, Goddesses, & The Days They Rule
  13. Weekdays Magickal Associations
  14. Pairing Intentions & Days
  15. The seven days of the week and their magickal associations
  16. 5 Blank charts


Daily Metaphysical Associations Used In The Weekdays Pack

Symbol, Planet, Zodiac, Element, Direction, Name Origin, Archangel, Metal, Numbers, Music Note, Energy, Chakra, Charms, Clothes, Colour, Animal, Plant /Flower/Herb, Incense/Aroma/Scent, Stone, Goddesses, Gods, Magickal Association, Intentions

Digital Download:

  • PDF 1 – 28 Printable JPGs – Full color
  • PDF 2 – 28 Printable PNGs – Full color on a transparent background
  • PDF 3 – 28 Printable PNGs – Black and white on a transparent background

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