Witchy Herb Names & Meanings


Witchy Herb Names & Meanings for your book of shadows. Printable grimoire pages. Instant JPG download. High-resolution digital sheets



Witchy herb names and their meanings.

Ever wondered what Eye Of Newt, Scale Of Dragon, or Hare’s Beard meant?  It’s mustard seed, tarragon, and mullein respectively, in case you were wondering!

Or why do witches use these weird and funny words and phrases for regular herbs and spices?

Well, in ye old days when people weren’t sharing much love with witches’, they had to go about doing things like spells and rituals discreetly. This also meant having to collect the items in a secretive manner too. So, to avoid persecution, they created a code for the spell ingredients.

Download an A-Z list of witchy herb names and their secret meanings for herbs, spices, and flowers. Printable grimoire pages for your book of shadows.

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