Jar Labels-Herb & Spices v3 Apothecary Labels


Herb & Spices v3 Apothecary Label Set 48 Printable Witchcraft sticker Tags with inscriptions of herbs magical properties in spells + potions

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Herb & Spices Apothecary Jar Label Set Volume3 with Wiccan Herbs and Spices meanings and correspondence.

Printable witchcraft labels/stickers/tags with inscriptions of herbs and spices magickal uses and properties for all your spells and potions.
Digital-PDF Download

A list of 48 herbs and spices with their magickal uses in kitchen witchery for spells and potions.

Herbs and Spices Apothecary Labels

African Dream Herb Seed (Entada rheedii), Bee Balm, Bee Pollen, Belladonna, Bilberry Leaf, Birch Bark, Blessed Thistle, Blue Lotus Powder, Blue Mallow (aka Blue Malva), Boldo Leaf, Butterfly Pea Flower, California Poppy, Chickweed, Chives, Cornflower (aka Batchelor’s Buttons), Cramp Bark, Devil’s Claw Root, Feverfew, Foxglove, Ginkgo, Goldenrod, Goldenseal, Gotu Kola, Graveyard Dirt, Hemlock, Horehound, Irish Moss, Kanna, Meadowsweet, Mexican Dream Herb, Morning Glory, Motherwort, Mulberry Leaf, Oat (Oatstraw), Peony Flower, Pine (Needles), Rose of Sharon Flowers, Rose of Sharon Leaf, Rue, Sea Kelp, Sesame, Skullcap, Slippery Elm Bark, Valerian Root, White Willow Bark, Wood Sorrel, Wormwood, Yerba Santa

Vintage Apothecary Labels Digital Download

6 Printable pages with all the labels displayed
48 Printable labels
Full color on a transparent background

6 Printable pages with all the labels displayed
48 Printable labels
Black and White on transparent background. Great for printing on your own paper.

Paper Suggestions For Your Herb Labels

  • You can print the witch labels on regular sticker paper. You can cut them out by hand, but using a Cricut cutter printer will give you a much cleaner end result.
  • Print on any type of paper you like and turn them into a decoupage project.
  • Use the black transparent version on transparent vinyl.

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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


2.2 inches – 3.5 inches

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