Crystal Cleansing


Crystal Cleansing Grimoire Pages for book of shadows. How to cleanse and recharge crystals in magick. Book of shadows Digital PDF Download



Crystals carry and direct a lot of energy within them making them a very powerful tool to use in magick. As with any magick tool, good care is essential. Uncleansed crystals can have adverse effects if any at all, so it is important to know how to cleanse your precious gems and take good care of them in order to get the best outcomes.

Learn how to tend to your crystals to get optimal results with your magick.

1. Cover Page
2. Why cleanse crystals
3. How to cleanse your crystals
4. When to cleanse and recharge your crystals
5. How to activate your crystals
6. How to program your crystals
7. Creating an energy circuit
8. How to harness the energy of crystals
9. Crystal care

THREE DIFFERENT versions, full color, black and white, and black on a transparent background which is great for printing on your own paper.

Crystal Cleansing Digital Download

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