Crystals Metaphysical Properties


Crystals Metaphysical Properties in Witchcraft for Magickal Uses. Printable grimoire pages for Book of Shadows. PDF Digital Download



Index of over 470 crystal metaphysical properties. 14 pages + Cover

A full list of crystals’ metaphysical properties and their energetic associations and meanings. Tap into the power of crystals. This index is useful for witchcraft and magick as well as crystal energy healing, reiki, Feng shui, meditation, etc.

Use the right crystal for the right intention.

Using crystals can power up your magick spells. Using the right crystal, however, enhances your spells with a great energy boost. Crystals work on a high energetic level. They can absorb, transform, deflect, and radiate energy.
Pair your intentions with the right crystals for the best outcomes.

TWO DIFFERENT versions, full color and on a transparent background, great for printing on your own paper.

Crystal Metaphysical Properties Digital Download

PDF 1 – 14 Printable JPGs – Full color
PDF 2 – 14 Printable JPGs – Full color on a dark vintage background
PDF 3 – 14 Printable PNGs – Black with color on a transparent background

The witch’s crystal metaphysical properties healing digital handbook guide contains the magickal associations of over 470 crystals.

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