Crystal Correspondences


Crystal correspondences properties metaphysical associations & magickal uses in witchcraft printable Book of Shadow grimoire pages. Digital PDF download.



Crystal Correspondences – Printable Grimoire Pages for your Book of Shadow.

Crystal correspondences can be a little tricky at times because each crystal has its own metaphysical correspondence and each harness and dispels energy differently. While they hold different properties, we can use these properties and align them to our intentions.

Empower your magick by drawing upon the energies of the crystals and their properties.

A complete index reference guide to crystals correspondences, metaphysical properties, alignments, and meanings.

Know which crystals to use.

Crystals Correspondences in Witchcraft.

24 Printable high-resolution JPEGs for your Book of Shadows.

1. Crystal Color Meaning
2. Toxic Crystals
3. Crystals & The Gods
4. Crystals Ruling Planets
5. Birthstones
6. Birth-Hour Stones
7. Days & Gems
8. Anniversary Stones
9. Crystals in Astrology
10. Gemstones in The Chinese Zodiac
11. Crystals & Chakras
12. Crystal Hardness
13. Crystals & The Elements
14. Crystals & Wu Xing
15. Tarots & Crystals
16. Crystals by Correspondences

Crystal Correspondences Digital Download:

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