2024 Witch Planner 57 printable calendar pages


2024 Witch Planner 57 printable calendar pages. A4 yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planner, and Witchcraft months correspondences. PDF download.



2024 Witch Planner Calendar.

The 2024 Witch Planner Calendar is a 57-page guided printable journal. Organize your days, weeks, months, and year.

Keep track of your monthly rituals, daily divination, moon phases, and important dates.

  • 2024 Yearly Planner with dates
  • 2 Blank 2024 yearly planners – fill in key details for every month.
  • Monthly Plan – Intentions, tarot draw, focus, goals, habit tracker, monthly symbol, wins this month.
  • Monthly Ritual – Name, date, intention, items needed, method, notes.
  • Two Pages Week journal – Weekly focus, I’m grateful for, days of the week, weekly achievements.
  • Two Pages Weekly planner – Symbol, days of the week, goals, to-do, notes, habit tracker.
  • One-page Weekly Planners – Days of the week, habit tracker.
  • One-page Weekly Planners – Days of the week, habit tracker, notes, symbol.
  • Daily Planner – Schedule, date, intentions, grateful for, to do, self-care, moon phase, reflections, achievements, daily tarot draw.
  • Divination and Magick – Date, divination, symbol, moon phase, results, notes.
  • Daily Planner – Date, intentions, moon phase, divination, to do, gratitude, spiritual, mind, body.
  • Daily Planner – Intentions, date, schedule, divination & magick, affirmation, grateful for, meditation, reflections, notes.
  • 2024 Witches Planner Wheel – Jan to Dec – Wheel of the year, witchcraft holiday dates, season, horoscope, moon phases.
  • Witch Planner Months 2024 – Jan to Dec – Moon phases, horoscope, traditional witchcraft holidays, actual witchcraft dates in northern and southern hemispheres, habit tracker, legend.
  • Witchcraft Monthly Correspondences – Jan to Dec – Element, zodiac, spirit, colour, full moon names in Northern hemisphere, full moon names in Southern hemisphere, crystals, and stones, herbs, scents, flower, tree, animal, bird, deities, magick type, holidays.
  • Six blank pages.

Available in full color and black on a transparent background, great for printing on your own paper.

2024 Witchcraft Planner for Divination and Magick Digital Download

PDF 1:
2024 Witch Planner
Includes 2024 Calendar, 2 yearly planners, monthly planner, monthly ritual, 2 two-page weekly planners, 2 weekly planners, 3 daily planners, and daily divination template.
15 Pages Full-color JPG
15 Pages Black Transparent PNG

PDF 2:
2024 Witch Planner Wheel
Includes: Monthly Calendar with Wheel of the Year and Moon Phases.
12 Pages Full-color JPG
12 Pages Black Transparent PNG

PDF 3:
2024 Witch Planner Months
Includes Monthly Calendar with Moon Phases, Horoscope, Dates of the Traditional Wiccan Holidays and the actual specific dates that they fall on in 2024.
12 Pages Full-color JPG
12 Pages Black Transparent PNG

PDF 4:
Witch Planner Correspondences
Includes The month’s correspondences in witchcraft.
12 Pages Full-color JPG
12 Pages Black Transparent PNG

PDF 5:
Witch Planner Blank
Includes 4 blank pages, and 2 lined pages.
6 Pages Full-color JPG
6 Pages Black Transparent PNG

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