Garden Planner


Garden Planner with organizer, Planting Tips, Spell template, Herbs Magickal Uses, Plant Journal, Growth Log A5 journal Digital PDF Download



Witchy Garden Planner

Everything you need to plan your garden, track plants’ growth, and log their metaphysical properties.

For the most potent magick, grow your own herbs.

The best witch is an organized witch, and that extends to how we plant our gardens. Produce brought from the supermarket carries with them lots of unwanted energy that could mess with your spells.

How to power up your magick spells

Planting your own herb garden gives you the chance to nurture your plants with all the right kinds of energy, love, and intent. Once they are ready to be harvested, whether, for magick or consumption, their power by default is amplified.

18 A4 pages cut in half to make a 36 page A5 journal.

24 sections
1. Gardening Project
2. Wish List
3. Yearly Planner
4. Monthly Planner
5. Weekly Chores
6. To-Do List
7. Spell Template
8. Plant journal
9. Plant Log
10. Nurseries and Suppliers
11. Notes
12. Annual Rainfall
13. Garden Layout
14. Blank Page
15. Seedlings Log
16. Planting Log
17. Pest Control
18. Companion Herbs
19. Incompatible Herbs
20. Poison Herbs
21. Attracts and Repels
22. Light $ Shade
23. Seasonal Herbs
24. Herbs Magical Uses

Witchy Garden Planner Digital Download

PDF 1 – 18 A4 pages – Full color on parchment paper
PDF 2 – 18 A4 pages – Black and white on transparent background


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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


A4 folded to make A5