Alchemical Symbols


Alchemical Symbols and their meanings in Alchemy. Digital grimoire pages for the beginner alchemist’s Book of Shadow. PDF download

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Alchemical symbols were initially used to denote certain elements and compounds in alchemy. Though notations were probably standardized, styles and symbols did vary between alchemists.

Download one of the standard versions of these esoteric symbols for your book of shadows.

The download contains two PDF files with six images in each.

The first PDF is in full colour and the second is a black-and-white, printer-friendly version with a transparent background to print on your own paper.

Alchemical Symbols:

  • Three Primes
  • Four Basic Elements
  • Seven Planetary Metals
  • Mundane Elements
  • Alchemical Compounds
  • Alchemical Process
  • Alchemy Units

PDF Download:

Six pages – Full-colour JPGs on an aged parchment paper background.

Six pages  – Black and white PNGs on a transparent background so you can print on your own paper. Printer-friendly version.


Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


8.5 x 11 inches

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Download the standard version of the alchemical symbols in alchemyAlchemical Symbols
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