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Developing your psychic powers through your own inner ability

Developing your psychic powers through your own inner ability

A psychic as you know is someone who has an Extra Sensory Perception or what we laymen call a sixth sense. Although you may not be aware of it, everyone has certain psychic abilities with some more than others. A psychic should not be confused with a clairvoyant who has foresight and can clearly see events that can take place in the future. Psychic abilities, however, can be developed just as it’s possible to enhance your skills in music or mathematics. In the case of psychics, the most important tool is meditation and it is through meditation that they achieve a sense of awareness of the energies that surround them.


I’m sure most of you say that you have a ‘gut feeling’ that something’s wrong somewhere or that you don’t trust someone although they appear to be genuine? Well, that’s what’s called the sixth sense and you would have seen how correct your feelings were. Unfortunately, however, we tend to ignore these inherent powers that can provide us with many benefits only if we learn to utilize them to their full capacity. The secret to developing your psychic abilities is to believe in them and start working on them, to develop and strengthen and put them to good use.
You must start off by being aware of your surroundings. When you get up in the morning, before opening your eyes, visualize the colors, smells, and sounds which is the key to developing your intuition. Listening is very important to increase psychic awareness and after some time, you will notice the difference in your levels of intuition.


There are many techniques for medication and its best that you try a few and find one that feels good to you. The only thing of importance in meditation is that you are relaxed and focused. Meditation, however, has to be practiced for a considerable period of time before you notice a difference. When you start feeling your own energy you will find it easy to connect to your spiritual self which in turn enhances intuition and the ability to sense certain things.


Meditation and creating awareness of your surroundings will help you to remember things more clearly. For instance, when you wake up in the morning, recall what you dreamt that night. Try to remember as much as possible and jot them down in a notebook. In the meantime, try to pay more attention to your random thoughts and write these down as well. Even though at first it might all seem garbled, a time will come when you will start to notice a pattern; in your dreams and your thoughts.
All the material and information required to make us psychic is there inside us in bits and pieces and it’s up to us to bring them all together to make them coherent and this is what leads to acquiring psychic abilities in the long term. Beware however of acquiring the power of external forces to develop your psychic abilities that could endanger even your life. Being able to enhance these powers through your own inner ability can be extremely rewarding and help you to help others with various processes such as healing, mind reading, and telepathy among many others.