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Explaining Wiccan magick, its concept and what it is used for

Explaining Wiccan magick, its concept, and what it is used for

Life is full of magic; but unfortunately, we don’t see it or realize it because we have not been taught to do so. Magick spells have been used for thousands of years for good and evil and while most people are only fascinated by the subject some go to the extent of developing and practicing Wiccan magick for personal gain or as a part of their religious beliefs.

So, what exactly is Wiccan Magick?  
Is it just another mysterious power of energy that can be harnessed from the atmosphere or is there something more to it than that?  Wiccan is said to have been started by secrete societies formed hundreds of years ago and is different from the form of “magic” we know and which consists of conjuring illusions performed at stage shows. Note the spelling, because Wiccan “Magick” or magick of the occult is spelled differently.

History of Wiccan Magick
Wiccan magick has its roots in ancient pagan beliefs and those who were suspected of dabbling in this kind of magick were thought to be witches and often put to death. Although practitioners and believers of Wiccan magick insist that they have nothing to do with worshipping the devil, most tend to disbelieve this resulting in these magicians practicing their rituals in secret in order to be safe from those who ridicule their particular brand of talent. Wiccan magicians are expected to follow a strict code of discipline where they have to promise that the magick they practice will do no harm to anyone. This is in fact a part of their commandments with the rest being in simple terms “harm will be returned three-fold” and “magick should be used only for the good of others”.
Wiccans revere nature and consider themselves a part of it. According to their thinking, anyone harming nature will be harmed back, and accordingly, Wicca magick is considered “white magick” intended for beneficial purposes whereas “black magick” is performed with evil intentions. Although there are certain Spells used in Wiccan rituals, not everyone casts spells and especially not the kind of spell that can harm others since this is strictly prohibited in the Wiccan code of ethics known as “The Rede”. Even those who cast spells or sing incantations before a ritual must first reflect on what they’re about to do and whether the true intentions are for beneficial purposes or if there can be harmful consequences of their acts.
Wiccan magick, it is said is similar to prayer. You cast a spell or say a prayer for what you need. But the concept of responsibility for the lives of those whom you cast that spell on lies with you and is the mainstay of Wiccan philosophy. By taking this responsibility into your hands you’re able to manifest your dreams and as long as what you practice is not against other human beings, nature or the principles of morality you can go ahead and perform Wiccan magick all you want. Unconsciously perhaps, you may be performing magick all the time; even though you’re not aware of it!