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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Monkey

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Monkey – Inquisitive and shallow of personality they like sexual adventure

Year of the Monkey Characteristics:

Monkey people are as lively as those loveable witty creatures we see in the zoo and are very sociable as well.  They usually attract many friends but are very inquisitive and have this feeling that things can always be better somewhere else. They get bored very fast and need constant stimulation to keep them going. But you people are sometimes too clever for your own good and this makes you very unscrupulous and manipulative. Having a lot of instinct they find it easy to read people and this enables them to play subtle games especially with the opposite sex. For them it’s always a game and being rather self-centred they don’t really care about anyone else. Lazy as well they don’t have the vision to make a success of their lives. Monkey people usually don’t trust anyone else other than another Monkey. He tends to think of himself as far above others and feel that it’s easy to pull the wool over the eyes of others. They are however intelligent and make good businessmen if they put their mind to it.

Male Monkey Personality

If you’re a male monkey you will know by now how much you lack self-discipline and is a bit of a rebel when it comes to law and order. Having a shallow personality you think you have a lot of friends because you can usually get along with everyone. But what you don’t know is that they all consider you as shallow because you agree with everyone even if you don’t really believe in their opinions. Monkey boys, I hear you can lie very cheerfully without any compunction when it suits you of course, but you can also be very giving and at times generous to a fault. You have a great capacity for success in anything you undertake, but that’s only if you’re interested in what you do.

You cannot, however, stick to one job for long because of boredom setting in soon.

Female Monkey Personality

Lady Monkey’s love children provided they are not her own. You also like the spotlight but require your own privacy as well. Having a very short span of interest in anything, marriage is definitely not for you because you hate the idea of having to follow someone else’s dictates, preferring to shape your own life even if it’s not the conventional way of doing things. Monkey ladies have a look of naïve in their eyes which are at times dreamy or strange which makes most people imagine them to be witches or magicians. If you happen to be a Monkey, you believe that you can do as well as a man in any field and this is so true because a Monkey lady is very motivated in doing whatever she feels is in her own best interest. Social status or material gain does not usually come into her calculations. In love, she prefers someone who’s intelligent and always looks for sexual adventure and hates routine even in bed.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Monkey

In relationships, monkeys and Rats go well together; mostly because of your sense of humour that makes you both want a fun-filled future. You guys also have the same attitude towards sex and if you meet the right partner, you might be faithful; but don’t bet on it. Dragons too should be able to have a successful relationship with Monkeys because both creatures are full of passion. Unless you both enjoy a good fight, stay away from the Tiger because that’s what you will be doing if you ever get into a relationship.