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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Pig

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Pig – Naïve and honest they’re the most lovable of all signs

Year of the Pig Characteristics:

A pig can be duped very easily. This is sad because they’re such sincere creatures and is ever ready to forgive someone and feels guilty of any mistake they commit. Pigs hate pretence and shun the limelight. Gallant and scrupulously honest to a fault he rarely lies and feels powerless in the face of hypocrisy. Pigs are so very innocent that they tend to believe what anyone tells them. They do however love luxury and take great pleasure in pampering themselves and giving others. With Pigs, it’s all or nothing. They can be great companions and are very intelligent with a thirst for knowledge. Although they are lucky in life, they’re rather lazy, but very down to earth and reserved.  Beware of the Pig’s temper however if he’s backed into a corner or thinks his good nature has been taken advantage of; he can turn vicious and will cut short any friendship immediately.

Male Pig Personality

Pigs are rather naïve and can easily be hoodwinked and should, therefore, be armed with facts before going out.  You love good food and wine and have the most impeccable table manners. Being rather extravagant, you will never deny yourself something you can afford to pay for. You also prefer to see the best in people and are quite happy to ignore slights. Male pigs are eternally boyish with a sense of freshness and innocence and this is well evident in their physical appearance as well. I’m sure Pig men will be happy to hear that they’re considered the most lovable of all in the animal zodiac. Mankind it is said will be the loser if Pig men were to disappear from the earth. So please don’t do this, because we love having you around. Your presence inspires us while your friendly and generous nature can bring out only the best in others.

Female Pig Personality:

Piggy girls will never turn away anyone in need. But your good and generous nature tend to be taken advantage of but this does not bother you unduly and you hardly bear any grudges. You girls must indeed be saintlike. Always polite and clever you make good conversation and are quite popular in social circles. Same as your male counterpart, girl pigs are thought to be the most charming women in the world. While you cannot be called stunningly beautiful, you’re definitely pretty in a sweet and innocent sort of way. No matter what age you are, you appear to be very young and fresh which is mainly due to your creamy complexion that is no way due to any cosmetic enhancement. Pig ladies are very faithfully but very sensitive and while they may look carefree; their hearts can be broken fairly easily; so watch out you eager males when you deal with this fair lady.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Pig:

Rabbits make very good partners for Pigs because they follow the same luxurious lifestyles. You both match sexually as well so don’t pass off this union if you come across a Rabbit. A Goat too can be a life long partner for a Pig because each understands the other. They are well attuned to each other sexually and will go on to have a sizzling life together. Snakes and Pigs can never get on together because they don’t understand each other and since both hate confrontation, their angry feelings will be hidden aside without any compromise being arrived at.