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Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Rat

Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Rat – Charming and witty but frugal and stubborn to the core

Year of the Rat – Characteristics

Chinese horoscope signs are named after 12 animals all of which have various different traits and characteristics. To someone who’s more familiar with Western zodiac signs being called after an animal might sound strange; but hey, don’t take it personally because some animals are really cute and if you listen to what the Chinese have to say about these animals you might even like being called a Rat. You should actually feel flattered when you hear some great personalities such as William Shakespeare, George Washington and Winston Churchill were born under the sign of the Rat. So let’s see what you’ve got in common with them. Well, You Rats are charming and truly witty, but ready to lose your temper at the drop of a hat and that you do have in common with the great man, Churchill. You Rat people are also very intelligent and quick on the uptake and very quick to take advantage of any opportunity.

Male Rat Personality

If you’re a guy rat, I’m sure you’ll be very interested in learning what the Chinese say about you. According to them, you have an answer for everything. Hmmm; now where have I heard that before? You have a wide circle of friends and are generally easy to get along with; but very stubborn once your mind is set on something. You apparently live by your wits and are very ambitious. Your restlessness, however, makes you run from one project to another without completing anything. Well, I’m not surprised because your male Rats are also supposed to be very opinionated and think you know everything and that’s where you fall flat on your face. I bet you’ve had some major disasters during your lifetime although it must be said that you guys are really honest and will never cheat or do something underhand for profit. But what’s this? You don’t know how to sweet talk a woman? So you’re not very romantic after all and a girl cannot expect much in the way of flowers and candy. Girls, do you know why? These Rats (forgive me) will actually calculate how much all these will cost them and decide it’s a waste of money. Talk about being stingy! But, you people do have some sterling qualities and that is to put your family first and be very protective of them.

Female Rat Personality

If you’re a female rat reading this, you’re not much different from your male species. I gather you’re highly intelligent, charming and resourceful and have a great way with people which make you very popular. You’re also very fashion conscious but don’t just follow fashion blindly. You create your own style and prefer to be neat and elegant rather than be called trendy. By the way, were you aware that you ladies are considered good wife material? Not just because of your fetish for a clean environment but also because of your ability to manage most things; by which I’m sure they mean managing your better half. Now listen to this; you Rat ladies are no better than the guys when it comes to being frugal and you’ll apparently go to great lengths to recycle everything such as clothes, toys, soap etc. so beware you Rat guys! You might end up being recycled; accidentally of course.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Rat

We do know that a guy Rat and a lady Rat can indeed make sweet music together. Apart from that, you people can have great union with a Dragon, whereas a partnership with a Monkey will be fun while getting together with the Ox will lead to a peaceful relationship You’ll be alright with a Monkey too because you Rats admire them very much. But don’t say I didn’t warn you because you should never ever think of a union with a Horse, a Rabbit or Sheep because only the Chinese will know where it will end.