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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Dog

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Dog – Warm, loyal and honest and all the best traits

Year of the Dog Characteristics:

Same as a Dog is man’s best friend, those born under the sign of the Dog has the best of characteristics in people; a great sense of loyalty and honesty. But they tend to be very eccentric and terribly stubborn while appearing to be rather distant and emotionally cold. Dog people are good at leading but are known to always find fault with others. Being always on the go, they can be rather flirtatious, but only until such time they find their perfect mate. Warm-hearted and friendly they can be very generous and have a great sense of creativity, especially in the bedroom.  Dogs also represent justice and equality in the Chinese zodiac and will never hesitate to jump to the defence of the people they care for and will even be ready to sacrifice their lives. This makes Dog people to be held in the highest of esteem when compared to others in the animal zodiac.

Male Dog Personality

Hey dog guy, who wouldn’t love to be your partner because of your intense loyalty and your caring attitude. Although you don’t go about making friends here, there and everywhere, you cherish the few you have and they will be your allies for life. You do however have a tendency to gossip and this makes some people cut you off from their social lists. As if you care! Although you don’t show it, you get easily depressed but would never admit it to anyone else and also have a firm belief in your opinion and would never admit that someone else can be right. But don’t worry because you’re a very passionate and sensual male that values good company and romance over sex. You, however, keep seeking the perfect mate with so much intensity that any potential suitor might be put off. Another thing you must be careful of is not to be so suspicious of your partner because this sometimes sours even the good relationships you have.

Female Dog Personality

I’d rather call you a girl dog because the other sounds rather insulting. You are very ambitious and have the potentiality to rise high in your chosen career. Your impatience and your tendency to get discouraged at the slightest set back however make you accept defeat too soon. You must stick to it because if there’s anything worth getting, it would always not be an easy path. You can converse well and be quite attractive you get invited to a lot of parties. But be careful because your high standards will put others on their best behaviour making them feel less worthy in your presence. When it comes to love, you have this strange need to destroy your own happiness because you feel that it’s best to do so before it’s destroyed for you. This aspect of self-destruction, unfortunately, creates a lot of self-doubt and unhappiness in the Girl Dog which she must strive to overcome.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Dog:

Dogs and Tigers can be very compatible because both are great at compromise. Even if you don’t agree all the time, you can work well together and you’re sexually good together as well. Dogs are good with Horses too with neither being dependant on the other and will learn to enjoy giving and receiving. Don’t even think of having a relationship with a Dragon because they will be bored to tears by the honest straightforward character of the Dog.