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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Horse

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Horse – Amiable and incredibly charming but unpredictable and easily bored

Year of the Horse Characteristics:

Those born in the year of the Horse are pleasant, amiable and incredibly charming, but tend to live in a world of fantasy. They are generally in love with love itself and are most of the time in relationships with more than one person. They, however, see nothing wrong with it; but only for them and will not tolerate any double-dealing as far as their partners are concerned. Any Horse person, who doesn’t mind sharing, can have a lovely relationship together. Horse people are very popular and generally, have a vast circle of friends mainly because of their ability to put people at ease. They know how to acquire whatever they want more through cunning than intelligence and make great politicians. They also love their sense of independence and have a low threshold of patience. Easily bored, they can be very unpredictable and change their minds at the drop of a hat.

Male Horse Personality:

Being a male Horse, you find it very difficult to save for the future. Whatever you earn you tends to spend it then and there on yourself and your friends who usually tag along specifically because of this.  You are however a born leader and count on your followers to prop you up. Never afraid to give voice to popular opinions, you have the knack of scandalizing the more old fashioned type of person. Although you do worry about your future secretly, no one will know about this because you appear very carefree and optimistic outward. Women love you, but you’re not the type to stick to one person. So beware girls, Horsemen get bored very easily and you have to be on your toes all the time. Horse males look so very elegant, healthy and vigorous that no woman can help being attracted to them.

Female Horse personality:

Horse ladies are completely absorbed in them and will never let anyone else intrude into their lives. Very much a rebel, you girls hate any type of authority while always wanting to lead than be led. Just like those majestic creatures that run wild, you hate to be tethered but understand the need for a place of your own. Although one cannot call you actually beautiful in a feminine way, you’re definitely attractive and charming and look the complete aristocrat and a thoroughbred one at that. With a fierce disregard for convention, you generally like to make your own style statement by dressing in flamboyant clothes, not just because you like them but mostly to show that you do not follow anything slavishly.

Horse ladies, you have bubbly personalities and a lot of self-confidence, and a liking for the more adventurous kind of ventures and hate to be idle. You girls are very romantic and believe in true love; but very poor at judging character which makes you heartbroken many times before you find your soul mate.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Horse:

Being very active and independent, Dogs make good partners for Horses. Both types understand the need for space and will never tread on one another’s toes. You both love good sex and will, therefore, have an extremely satisfying relationship together. A partnership with a Tiger too can be satisfying for the Horse with both being very imaginative and having a deep sexual attraction to each other. Even otherwise, you two are capable of loving and respecting each other which makes your relationship strong and enduring. But, keep away from the Rat because there is only sexual attraction between the two of you and nothing else to keep you together.