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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Ox

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Ox – Obstinate, but dependable and rather thrifty

Year of the Ox characteristics

According to the Chinese calendar, the Ox year recur once every 12 years and since it does not have a specific day as such, you have to check the calendar to find the years that come under the influence of the Ox. For the time being, let’s just read some interesting characteristics of those born in the year of the Ox and I’m sure all you ox people are going to be very surprised by what you read. So let’s see, being an Ox, you’re naturally strong of character both physically and mentally and just like the animal that is used to plough the earth, you have the ability to go through your responsibilities without complaint. You also believe that success comes only through hard work and get rich quick schemes are definitely not for you. Although you appear to be obstinate, that’s only when it comes to your loved ones because you ox people are fiercely loyal to those you care about. But you do have a fierce temper and those who oppose you will be taken unawares because you appear to be so cool and placid on the outside.

Male Ox Personality

If you happen to be a male Ox you’re in good company because such eminent personalities like Barak Obama, Napoleon, Richard Nixon and Charlie Chaplin are said to be born in the year of the Ox. Sadly enough you guys are not very romantic but any girl fortunate enough to be married so you can be sure she’ll be protected and cared for even if you don’t show it much. Somehow you Ox males cannot understand all those frivolous gestures such as dining in candlelight or sending flowers to a woman and you know why? Secretly you will be calculating how much all that stuff is going to cost you and consider it a waste of money. A bit stingy aren’t you? Nevertheless, you do like the good things in life and prefer to potter around at home rather than partying or being in the spotlight. Strange one would think considering the famous Ox males mentioned above.

Female Ox Personality

You lady ox apparently care very much for your husband and children and consider your home the most important place. But you are a very conservative lady and is very concerned about your reputation which you think is more important than wealth. Being very organized and systematic in everything you do, you too love to have a beautiful home and like nothing better than keeping it neat and tidy. Strong-willed and outspoken, you have your feet firmly on the ground. You, ox ladies, are said to be full of common sense but you definitely need to loosen up a bit more if you want to have fun in this world. Now some of these traits can be rather contradictory when you consider two famous Ox females that are as different as chalk and cheese. These two personalities are Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher and this I’m sure will be confusing to you as it is to me.

Chinese Horoscope signs that are compatible with the Ox

The Rooster is the most compatible with the Ox and if these two personalities come together, it will be a marriage made in heaven or wherever the Chinese Horoscopes are arranged. Ox don’t do too badly with the Rat either and you can certainly have a steady partnership together. Any union with the Snake and the Monkey too can work for the Ox but for heaven’s sake don’t even think of getting close to a tiger because this is an impossibility. A relationship with the Horse is also definitely out and with a Dragon, you will keep fighting. So you better stick to a Rooster, a snake or Monkey if you want some peace and happiness in your life.