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Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rabbit

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rabbit – Gentle and Creative but not very adventurous

Year of the Rabbit Characteristics

Just like the pretty creatures we see hopping about in our gardens, Rabbit people are gentle, reserved and very artistic and supposed to do very well in politics. (Although I’m not quite sure how you can be gentle and still do well in politics) You’re also good at writing, acting, and in fact anything creative. So you see you have a whole heap of careers you can do well in and our young readers can take heart and start on one of these lines. You do have some luck as well in money matters but have a tendency to build up stress that makes you very ill at times. Rabbits should be careful in their relationships because you tend to get too involved which leads to problems later on. So loosen up a bit and take it easy and don’t let others take advantage of your kind and giving nature.

The Male Rabbit

Rabbit men, you love to dress well and appear at your best always. This is a natural trait because you guys are very artistic and know how to dress and with an eye for the art and your sense of imagination you have an appreciation of beautiful things. Rabbits also like to enrich their minds and are the type of people who would visit a museum or watch channels such as National Geographic and Discovery. If you’re a Rabbit you are very compassionate but would hardly give advice to anyone unless they asked for it. You’re however a good listener and a peacemaker but not very adventurous or aggressive. A Rabbit will never get involved in a risky financial deal and will always make sure his investments are safe. He’s also very caring towards his family members. You guys are very sexual in nature and need a woman that understands your needs but will not take advantage of you. All you nice compatible women out there; take note, will you?

Female Rabbit characteristics

Just like your counterparts, you love to look elegant and well dressed and will spend hours in front of the mirror admiring yourself. Men are drawn to you like to moths to a flame and you never lack admirers; not only because of your attractive and fun-loving personality but also because you’re a very considerate person. You like nothing better than to invite your friends round for drinks so that they can admire your beautiful home. But what’s this about going into hysterics even if a drop of water is spilt on your carpet or counting the folks and spoons once your guests have left. Don’t tell me that you don’t even trust your friends? Anyway, to your credit, you do have a great sense of humour and know how to get things done and this makes some people call you Rabbit females very cunning and manipulative. But this is your diplomacy coming out where you’d rather settle things peacefully than get into any confrontation.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Rabbit

You really should have a relationship with a Pig, Sheep or Dragon because apparently you people make a great team; individually of course. You can also have some amusing times with a Dog, a Monkey or another Rabbit. But stay away from the Rat and the Tiger because you people are definitely not compatible and will have tremendous upheavals in your life if you get together at all.