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Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Dragon

Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Dragon – Arrogant and Egotistical, Vibrant and Charismatic

Year of the Dragon Characteristics

Chinese consider the Dragon as one of their most important symbols and that of their Emperor as well. It denotes strength and vitality and people born under this sign are aristocratic, proud and very egotistical. So you Dragons out there know what you are but don’t try to intimidate those weaker than you. You are fortunate and very lucky and have a strong and healthy constitution and the kind of magnetic personality that draws people to you. However, you are not very sentimental, are you?

Neither are you romantic or sensitive in any way and that’s a shame because you want other people to love and admire you, Dragons, however, don’t do the same for others. As a Dragon personality you may be decisive and strong, but not at all cunning and it’s only when you are challenged that you come up fighting and no one can ever put you down.

Male Dragon Characteristics

It is said that the male Dragon is talented, charismatic and a showman. That I guess is obvious with your dominant personality but it also makes you very arrogant and demanding and believes that you can do no wrong and expect others to agree with whatever you say. Nothing makes you happier than knowing you’re looked up to by others and is ever ready to give advice to others whether they want it or not. You guys also set yourselves very high standards and never doubt your ability to achieve them, so much faith and confidence you have in yourself that you think you’re irreplaceable. You will also never allow anyone to stop you from reaching your goals and can be very unpredictable in your action, but is not the type to take risks. Dragons have a whole host of admirers most of the time and will either marry when very young or not marry at all.

The Female Dragon

Very attractive, a dominant personality and hard to resist, the female dragon will rule the roost wherever she goes. As a Lady Dragon you have great belief in equal rights for women, and why not indeed? You certainly think a woman can do whatever a man can; and most probably does it better too.   Those who foolishly underestimate your capabilities will come to rue the day because you’re a very straight forward, a no-nonsense person as can be gauged by the way you dress. Not for you the feminine fripperies such as frills, ribbons, bows and buttons but much prefer practical clothes that are comfortable and easy to wear. Although never overdressed, you like being admired just like your male counterpart and are never shy of being the centre of attention. Hey lady Dragon, you are very generous to your friends and family and are not very interested in accumulating wealth. You would, however, hate to be classified as a housewife or homemaker and would much prefer to set your own goals which you strive to achieve as independently as possible.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Dragon

Find yourself a Rat as a partner and life will be super beautiful because this is what the stars have arranged for the Dragon. A Pig, a Monkey or Rabbit will also make good partners and a Tiger too can be somewhat OK although both have very strong personalities. A Sheep and dragon too can have a good relationship while with a Horse, it will be love at first sight, but from there onwards it will be downhill all the way. You will forever be fighting with an Ox and last not least, never even dream of getting together with another Dragon, because you’re too much alike and will be always competing against one another. So Dragon guy and Dragon lassies, stay away from either.