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Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Snake

Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Snake – Fork tongued and charming but venomous as well

Year of the Snake Characteristics:

Snakes are very laid back and prefer to take life calmly. They prefer a life that’s not stressful and tend to become anxious when they feel they cannot manage things. Being very intelligent and graceful, they are able to get things done even if it’s through cunning and underhand behaviour. They like to surround themselves with beautiful and materialistic things and you will always find that Snakes maintain comfortable homes. Although laid-back with a casual attitude towards life, they are definitely not slackers when it comes to making decisions. They have very analytical minds and are great at solving problems. When it comes to relationships they have the ability to attract the opposite sex but it will always be the snake that decides how far a relationship should go or not. They, however, tend to be extremely jealous and consider their partner as a possession. Beware of betraying a snake because it’s sure to take revenge one day.

Snake Male Personality

Male snakes out there, you’ll be happy to hear that you people are regarded as witty and passionate and are considered to be excellent lovers. Very imaginative in the art of making love you will ensure that you’re always satisfied with your needs. You also love the emotional closeness a relationship brings and will go all out to charm the opposite sex but have no time for those that don’t fall under your hypnotic spell. You will never forgive anyone that toys with your affections and will make sure you hit back at that person with all the venom you have. If you’re a male Snake, love means everything to you and you’re ever ready to fall in love. It is this very characteristic that puts you in trouble because you do have a roving eye and sees nothing wrong in indulging once in away. No wonder you’re the very epitome of what is called a lady-killer; but then you do know how to satisfy a lady and in spite of your weaknesses, women find you very charming. But you prefer those who are really feminine and mysterious because this type of woman is a challenge to you and you’ll never rest until you have conquered her.

Snake Female Personality

Just like our slithery friends, snake females have what is known as a forked tongue. You’re capable of cutting anyone down to size and throwing a tantrum if you don’t get your own way. Now that’s not very nice; is it lady snake? Anyway, you are truly beautiful and you know it and have no false modesty about flaunting your beauty. Just like your male counterpart, you will never hesitate to take revenge from those you feel have wronged you. Loving material things, you like to surround yourself with comfort and beauty and consider your home as the only place where you can relax and recharge your energy.  When talking about Snake women, you cannot ignore some special ladies who come under the same sign as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. You are however rather lazy and know to get the maximum through the minimum effort. Even in lovemaking, you want to be made happy and satisfied rather than making your partner feel wanted.

Chinese Horoscope signs that are compatible with the Snake:

If you are a snake the most satisfactory relationship for you will be with either a Rooster or   Ox. Those born under these two signs love luxury and they also match each other well sexually. Although a Snake is very possessive, a Rooster will not mind it at all and most probably even enjoy being possessed. Any relationship with another Pig will turn out to be a complicated affair and please keep away from the   Pig whom you will smother to death; but when your eyes start roving, the Pig will become jealous and you will lash out with all the venom you have.