Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Year of the Rooster – tend to think that the end always justifies the means

Year of the Rooster Characteristics:

If you were born in the year of the Rooster, you are considered a reliable but cautious person who is only interested in a long term relationship.  Courageous, talented and resourceful, Roosters have very powerful personalities and can be very bossy. They are also rather conceited and love to be the centre of attention. They are however open and honest and are great at debating any issue and make excellent journalists. Roosters love organizing and take great pride in following rules. They never jump to conclusion and take time in coming to any important decision. Roosters are very good at managing finance and are very economical in their dealing making them brilliant bankers and financial advisers.

Male Rooster Personality:

You can be very entertaining and charming but also crave attention and love to let the world know your worth. Easy to make friends, you prefer the company of females but can be very jealous if you feel there’s any rivalry. Rooster males, you find it difficult to save money because you keep spending on your appearance which you think highly of. You also have a good memory and turn even the most trivial incident into a riveting yarn that captures the attention of those around you.

Roosters pay great attention to their work and are always ready to take up confrontational issues for debate. To you, the end always justifies the means and this may make you rather inhumane in the eyes of others. Being extremely proud, you’ll never ask or accept help and this makes you take unnecessary risks when you don’t have to. Ladies, if you’re in love with a Rooster man, you know he’s not very passionate and can be very critical and point out every flaw he sees in you which can be very trying when you have to live together.

Female Rooster Personality

Rooster females are usually very popular because you’re very generous and not at all malicious. But you find diplomacy hard to come by because of your very honest nature. What many don’t know about you is that you can be extremely jealous of another’s success, even if she happens to be your closest friend. You, however, will never show it openly because you consider it one of your weaknesses.

Appearance-wise Rooster girls never conform because some of you are extremely beautiful while others can be what you call really ugly. But apparently even the ugly have a certain attraction that helps them in the art of seduction. Whatever she is, a Rooster female can never be ignored because of her magnetism which is apparent whenever she enters a room. She’s also very independent mainly because she does not want to rely on anyone else, even if it’s her partner or lover. Last, but not least, you Rooster girls are supposed to be fantastic in bed and will never hesitate in accepting a challenge in the bedroom.

Chinese Horoscope signs compatible with the Rooster

The only signs that work for the Rooster are the Oxen and Snake. Oxen complement the Rooster in every way while both like the safety and comfort they get from each other. Sexually too they make for a great union and help them have a healthy and life long relationship. You will stay with a snake initially only because of the sex but once you get to know each other intellectually, the union will definitely strengthen and grow better and better.

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