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Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Tiger

Chinese Horoscope Sign of the Tiger – A beautiful predatory creature that lives by its own rules

Year of the Tiger – Characteristics

Tigers have charming personalities. Well, I don’t know about that but I sure wouldn’t mind meeting a Tigre man or woman because they must be intensely alive and lead very interesting lives. If you’re a Tiger reading this will know for sure how competitive you are and how much you hate to pass up any challenge. Many people however not knowing you would tend to underestimate your exterior calm and be rudely shocked when you pounce upon them without warning. Being extremely unpredictable you make terrible bosses but life will never be boring with you around to stimulate our senses and keep us on our feet. I was quite surprised to learn that you can get very depressed if you fail in the slightest way professionally or in your personal life and you just don’t like criticism too. But then, it’s your nature to land on your feet and get back to doing what you do best and that is pursuing and hunting for what you want in life.

Tiger Male Personality

Why am I not surprised to hear that male tigers are born to lead and they hate taking orders from others? You tigers are really proud and energetic and want to be the centre of attention wherever you go. But then you’re always lucky when it comes to the opposite sex that flocks around you, adoring your colourful nature, your idealism, confidence and your bravery, seeing you as some daring hero which you are, most of the time. Your daring and recklessness, however, can lead you to your downfall most of the time although you do know how to land on your feet and escape the worst when others around you are not so lucky. Being very courageous just like the creature that roams the jungle, you fear no one and is rebellious and independent although you can become intensely moody and restless at times.

Tiger Female Personality

I bet most women wouldn’t mind being called a female tiger, but only those born under the influence of the sign of the Tiger can have the true characteristics of this gorgeous creature. It goes without saying that Tiger ladies are indeed very beautiful, strong, sexy and exciting that men find them irresistible. Always the centre of attention you as a Tiger lady know how to attract a man, and you poor girls can’t help it I suppose if they make a fool of themselves over you. You are definitely not a woman’s woman, are you? Because you can be very predatory when it comes to men and don’t care who you go after as long as he pleases you. Oh, and you can be very arrogant and bossy and haven’t quite learnt when to keep your mouth shut. But it must be admitted that you Tiger ladies are honest to a fault and outspoken too but then you don’t know much about hurting another’s feelings although you’ll be surprised if someone tells you so. You have an instinctive way of dealing with children and get on very well with them. This definitely makes you a very caring person although most people might not recognize this trait in a lady Tiger.

Chinese Horoscope signs that are compatible with the Tiger

Tigers and Dogs are said to be great in a relationship and one that’s balanced and harmonious as well. A union with a Horse or Dragon can work equally well because they have lots in common while a Monkey will be very eager to have a relationship with a Tiger and vice versa too it is believed. But please stay from an Ox and a Sheep because these are supposed to be the worst combination for Tigers while a partnership with another Tiger is not recommended at all because when two such strong personalities get together sparks are sure to fly more than usual; which is not conducive to a successful partnership.