Candle Magick Divination Pack


Candle Magick Divination Pack in Witchcraft – Learn the basics of candle magick, divination, and how to cast your own spell– Digital Grimoire Pages for your Book of Shadow – PDF Download



Candle Magick Divination Pack – How to cast a candle spell & interpret the readings.

The candle magick divination pack is an introduction to candle divination. Understand the associations corresponding to candle colour, herbs, oils, and crystals in candle magick. Learn how to read the flames, smoke, and wax drippings to predict the outcome of your spells.

Printable Book Of Shadow grimoire pages Digital PDF Download.

The basics of Candle magick and how to pair your intentions with candle colours, herbs, oils, etc to get the most out of your spells.

You can cast a candle spell anytime you want, but pairing your intentions with the right elements can give your spells that ‘magickal’ boost.

The pack includes 21 pages to help guide you along your divination path. A great addition to your book of shadows for both the beginner and novice witch.

Candle Divination Pack

21 Printable high-resolution JPEGs for your Book of Shadows.

Available in full colour on a vintage background and in full colour on a transparent background, great for printing on your own paper.

Candle magick divination pack digital download includes:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Candle Magick
    1. What is candle magick
    2. Beginners and candle magick
  3. Casting a Candle Spell
    1. How to perform a candle spell
    2. How long should the candle burn
  4. Candle Colour Meaning
    1. Colour properties
  5. Candle Shapes
  6. Dressing a Candle
    1. How to anoint a candle
  7. Oils & Herbs
    1. Candle scents & intents
    2. Herbs
    3. Associations
  8. Inscriptions & Carvings
    1. Symbols and inscriptions in candle magick
  9. Crystals and Candles
    1. Crystal properties
  10. Setting Up Your Altar
  11. Intentions in Spellcasting
    1. Meditative state
    2. Releasing your intentions
  12. Timing Your Spells
    1. Moon phases
  13. Reusing Candles
  14. Candle Symbolism
    1. Candle formation
    2. The candle and you
    3. Symbolism
  15. Talking to the Flame
    1. Candle flame meanings
  16. Candle Burning Time
  17. Reading Wax Drippings
    1. Candle wax meanings
  18. Reading the Smoke
    1. Candle smoke meanings
    2. Smoke & soot
  19. Make your own Candle
    1. Types of wax

Candle Divination Pack PDF Download:

PDF 1 – Full-colour JPGs on an aged parchment paper background.

PDF 2 – Full-colour PNGs on a transparent background so you can print on your own paper.

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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


8.5 x 11 inches

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