Book of 46 Love Spells


Book of 46 Love Spells: Witchcraft Romance – Digital Grimoire for Instant Magick. Download Now for Spellbinding Relationships!



Book of 46 Love Spells

Book of 46 Love Spells: Witchcraft Romance – Digital Grimoire for Instant Magick. Download Now for Spellbinding Relationships!

Unlock the power of love with 40 spells and 6 reversals in our digital witchcraft book. Choose vintage or transparent versions for instant downloads.
Dive into the realms of enchantment with our Love Spellbook Grimoire. This mystical book holds the secrets to love, featuring powerful spells crafted for both novice and experienced practitioners. There are 40 spells designed to attract love, enhance romance, and infuse your life with magical connections along with 6 reversal spells (3 to undo a love spell cast on you and 3 to undo a love spell that you have cast.)
Unveil the art of love magick with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and the wisdom to create your own love story. Perfect for seekers of true love, enchantresses, and witches alike.
The 56-page booklet comes in two different formats. The first is on an aged background. The second is on a transparent background so you can print on your own paper.

Book of Love Spells PDF Digital Download

You will receive a PDF file with a link to download directly from my Google Drive because the files are too big for Etsy.

Book of 46 Love Spells Contents

  • Cover
  • Intro
  • Fridays and The Moon
  • Contents page
  • 40 Love Spells
  • 6 Reversal Spells
  • Love Oils
  • Index (Love associated correspondences)

Love Spells

  1. From Lust to Love –
    A love spell to turn lust into love
  2.  Mutual Love Enchantment –
    A spell to make someone accept your love and love you back.
  3. Attraction Spell –
    Feeling an unrequited attraction to someone who’s unaware of your existence is a common experience. This spell aims to draw the attention of the person you’re interested in.
  4.  Blood-Bound Poppet Spell –
    A blood spell to inspire fervent love, forging an unbreakable connection.
  5. Crystal-Enhanced Self-Love –
    A spell crafted to nurture and amplify self-love.
  6. Enchanted Love Stitch –
    Stitch a bond of love, resilient yet adaptable, that honors the magic between partners and can be undone at will.
  7.  Release of Heart’s Embrace –
    To gently release the bonds of love that no longer serve, freeing your heart to embrace new possibilities.
  8. Natural Release of Love –
    To release emotional attachments to a past love using the elements of nature, particularly the energy of a moving body of water, symbolizing the gentle washing away of remnants of the connection.
  9. Love’s Pathway Ritual –
    To gently guide the energies of an existing love connection to a natural conclusion while inviting new and promising energies of a potential relationship.
  10. Love Dissipation Spell –
    To gently dissolve and dissipate the romantic feelings and attachment someone has for you, allowing them to move on peacefully.
  11. Herbal Reconciliation Spell –
    To mend a broken relationship and rekindle love, trust, and harmony between two people. This spell incorporates the energies of herbs to bring healing and reconciliation.
  12. Love Knot Binding Spell –
    To strengthen the bond and commitment in a loving relationship, creating a powerful and enduring connection between two people.
  13. Candle Spell to Find True Love –
    Beckon profound and enduring love into your life by tapping into cosmic energies.
  14. Solar Heart Healing –
    This spell harnesses the energy of the sun to heal a broken heart, bringing warmth, vitality, and love back into your life.
  15. Moonlit Love Talisman –
    This spell utilizes the enchanting energy of the full moon to create a love-attracting talisman.
  16. Enchanted Love Apple –
    Enhance feelings of love and attraction between you and the desired person by sharing a special baked treat infused with love energy.
  17. Binding Hearts Love Spell –
    Strengthen and deepen the love between two individuals in an existing relationship.
  18. Rooted Love Spell –
    To breathe new life into a fading or strained romantic relationship.
  19. Love-Reviving –
    To revive a fading or strained romantic connection between two people.
  20. Rekindling Desire –
    To reignite the desire your ex once felt for you.
  21. Jealousy-Banishing –
    To dispel jealousy and insecurities in a relationship, promoting trust and harmony.
  22. Long-Distance Love Sustaining Spell –
    To strengthen and maintain love in a long-distance relationship, fostering connection and trust.
  23. Transitioning Friendship to Love –
    To turn a close friendship into a romantic relationship.
  24. Solar Heart Healing Spell –
    To heal emotional wounds, promote self-love, and bring warmth and positivity into your heart.
  25. Forgiveness Spell –
    Release resentment and anger, embracing forgiveness and peace within your heart, allowing healing and harmony to flow.
  26. Thawing Hearts Of Forgiveness –
    Soften the frost of resentment in your lover’s heart, paving the way for forgiveness to bloom between you.
  27. Soulmate Seeking Spell –
    To attract your ideal soulmate into your life, creating a strong and loving connection.
  28. Summoning Your Soulmate –
    Beckon a soulmate, embodying desired traits, woven in love’s eternal tapestry.
  29. Transition of Passion –
    Inspire a friend-with-benefits to desire a deep, loving relationship with you.
  30. Marriage Proposal Encouragement –
    Encourage a heartfelt marriage proposal, deepening your love and commitment.
  31. Enchantment of Love’s Choice –
    Make them favour your love over others when caught in a love triangle.
  32. Love Attraction Knot Spell –
    Attract true love and deep connection.
  33. Binding Love Devotion –
    To instil a deep and unwavering bond of love and devotion within your love interest, binding them to you.
  34. Lover’s Return –
    To lure your ex away from their current relationship and back to you
  35. Eternal Bonds –
    To strengthen the emotional connection between you and your lover, ensuring their commitment and preventing them from leaving.
  36. Binding Hearts in Sweetness –
    To bind your love and desires with the one you seek, sealed within the enchantment of an apple, symbolizing love and temptation.
  37. Moonlit Union Spell –
    To strengthen the bond between you and your partner under the enchanted light of the moon.
  38. The Fidelity Enchantment –
    To ensure fidelity and strengthen the bond of commitment in a relationship.
  39. Serendipitous Love –
    To beckon an unexpected marriage proposal from a surprising source, embracing the enchanting twists of fate.
  40. Reconciliation Spell –
    To draw back the one that got away with the cosmic forces and your heartfelt intention.
  41. Break a Love Spell –
    To break the love spell that binds you, restoring your free will, independence, and emotional freedom.
  42. Severance by Silver Threads –
    To dissolve the bonds of a love spell cast upon you.
  43.  Counter a Love Spell –
    To counteract the effects of a love spell cast upon you, restoring your free will, and sending the energy back to its source.
  44. Ember’s Liberation –
    To break the effects of a love spell that you have cast, restoring free will and releasing the spell’s influence.
  45. Reverse a Love Spell –
    To undo a love spell that you have cast.
  46. Pentagram of Release –
    To banish the effects of a love spell you have cast, severing all connections and releasing all energies associated with it.

46 Love Spells PDF Download – 56-page booklet

PDF 1 – Full-colour JPGs on an aged parchment paper background.
PDF 2 – Full-colour PNGs on a transparent background so you can print on your own paper.


8.5 * 11 inches

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Personal non-commercial use.


300 DPI, High-Resolution


8.5 x 11 inches

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