Witchcraft Spellbook of 120 White Magick Spells in Wicca


Witchcraft Spellbook of 120 White Magick Spells in Wicca. Printable grimoire pages for Book of Shadows. Digital-PDF Download

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The Witchcraft Spellbook Of 120 Spells

The best way to learn magick is to just dive in. The Witchcraft spellbook contains 120 unique spells for you to learn and practice witchcraft. These spells are safe yet powerful making them excellent for beginners with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to cast a spell.

Learn a simple way how to cast a magick spell.

The witchcraft spellbook contains powerful spells handed down from generations and covers all areas of life focusing on the positive and building on love. The magick spells contained in this book are based on white magick and cannot be used for harm. These strong and powerful spells are collected from a wide variety of magick styles ranging from candle magick, Wiccan herbal magick, crystal magic, Wicca moon magic, and more.

The witchcraft spellbook is excellent for the beginner witch that is new to the craft. If you are looking for a book with fast and easy spells that work, then this is it. The seasoned, more experienced witch will also enjoy the spells in this book when looking for quick and simple spells that don’t take much time to manifest.

The spells in this book are made to be straightforward and easy to prepare. You should easily find most of the items required for these spells around the house, supermarket, or local hardware store.

120 spells – 123 pages

This book of shadows contains 120 potent magick spells for witches, Wiccans, and other practitioners.
An excellent addition that both apprentices and seasoned witches should add to their collection.

Magick Spells for 13 categories:

– Love Spells
– Protection Spells
– Energy Spells
– Beauty Spells
– Health Spells
– Home and Family Spells
– Wishing Spells
– Luck Spells
– Well-Being Spells
– Psychic and Spiritual Spells
– Money and Prosperity Spells
– Legal Spells
– Other Spells


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123 pages