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Protection Spell book PDF eBook, Protect yourself, home, and the ones you love, Break a curse, banish negative energy, Positive White Magick

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Magik Charms Protection Spell Book of 18 spells.

This protection spellbook contains 18 potent magick spells for witches, Wiccans, and other practitioners. Easy to follow spells that manifest quickly.

An excellent addition that both apprentices and seasoned witches should add to their collection.

These powerful spells were handed down from generations. Protect yourself, family, and home against negativity and banish evil by focusing on the positive and building on love. The magic spells contained in this book are based on white magic and cannot be used for harm. These strong and powerful spells are collected from a wide variety of magic styles such as candle magic, Wicca herbal magic, crystal magic, Wicca moon magic, and more.

The 18 Protection Spells contained in the Protection Spell Book:

1. Protection Spell I
2. Protection Spell II
3. Protection Spell Against Harm
4. Protection against Harmful Spirits
5. Talisman to ward off negative energy
6. Getting Rid Of Negative Influences
7. Negativity Protection Spell
8. To Break a Curse
9. Spell That Protects Vehicle against Accidents
10. Spell That Protects From Unwanted or Jealous Criticism
11. To Avoid Curses
12. To Break the Powers of A Spell
13. Dream Protection Spell
14. A Safe Trip by Flight
15. Spell To Ensure Safe Return
16. Protection of Nature
17. Protection against Slander
18. Spell To Stop Being Bullied And Change Bullies Into Friends

The book is a section from Magic Charms Book of Shadows: 120 Spells

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