Turkish Coffee Cup Reading Handbook


Turkish Coffee Cup Reading Handbook, Learn How To Read Arabic Coffee Symbol Interpretation, Digital PDF, Fortune Telling, Beginner Mystic



The Turkish Coffee Cup Reading Handbook

A light beginners guide to help expand your fortune teller journey. Learn how to read the overturned cup with the Turkish coffee cup reading handbook.

It was believed that reading coffee symbols was some kind of holistic gift from an angle that came to the fortune teller in a dream.
Today we know better. Anyone can become a fortune teller in the same way anyone can work to expand and enhance their psychic abilities and connection to the universe.

We can understand that to be a good fortune-teller we need only a basic understanding of symbols, creativity, and intuition.

Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to read a cup. Where you might see a tree on an island, another reader may see a dog. Both are right, though their meanings differ. Each fortune-teller translates a cup differently based on their unique creativity in seeing the symbols and connecting the symbols into a coherent story that is based upon reading the person in front of them.

In this Turkish coffee cup reading PDF handbook, we go over the brief origins of coffee and how to prepare it, how to divide the cup for readings, and then the symbol index with over 400 coffee symbol meanings and interpretations.



Preparing the coffee

– Equipment
– Making the coffee
– Drinking the coffee
– Guidance

Dividing the cup

– Two Section reading
– Future reading
– Past, Present, Future reading
– Four Section reading
– Five Section reading

Lifting The Saucer

– A perfect ring
– The Prophet’s Cup
– Tearing
– Open heart


– Shapes
– Numbers
– Symbols
– Letters
– Elements
– Food
– Plants
– People
– Objects


Print the pages and put them together as a book or on cards. Or whatever 🙂
High-resolution JPGs and PDF.

Keep the light PDF file on your phone or computer.

Additional information


Personal non-commercial use.


20 x 20 cm


40 pages including cover