Sigils and Shoals – Intro to Chaos Magick


Sigils and Shoals Intro to Chaos Magick – Spellbook for Protection, Love, Wealth, Empowerment. Sigil charts & templates, PDF download



Sigils and Shoals – Intro to Chaos Magick and Sigils

Learn the basics of chaos magick and how to create your own sigils. Use the blank sigil templates to keep records of your manifestations in your grimoire.

Create your own powerful sigils and learn how to activate them.

Bring magick into your life and create your dreams. Learn different ways how to draw your own sigils and manifest your desires.

This book is great for the beginner witch that has just discovered chaos magick and would like to know a little more about the basics of sigils.

Use the ready-made and empowered sigils in the book if you would like to add a little more magick into your life or create your own.

Seasoned witches can also draw upon the power of the sigils and enjoy.

Also included are the sigils in vector format with the intent in English, Theban, and alone. You can scale and use these symbols to print on anything you want like a mug, t-shirt, jewelry, tattoo, wall art, etc.

Contents  – 45 pages:

  • Chaos magick
  • What are sigils
  • Create your own sigil
    • Making the monogram
    • Designing the sigil
    • Sigil chart
  • Gnosis
    • Inhibitory gnosis
    • Ecstatic gnosis
    • Indifferent vacuity
  • Activate your sigil
  • Letting go
  • Destroying the sigil?
  • Shoaling
  • Protection Shoals – 7 Sigils
  • Wealth Shoals – 7 Sigils
  • Love Attraction Shoals – 7 Sigils
  • Empowerment Shoals – 7 Sigils
  • 4 Blank sigil charts
  • 4 Blank sigil templates


SigilsAndShoals.PDF – Full color
SigilsAndShoalsBW.PDF – Black and white
Templates.PDF – Full color
Templates BW.PDF – Black and white
Sigils intent.PDF – All the sigils, with the intent written in Theban.
Sigils intent En.PDF – All the sigils, with the intent written in English.
Sigils Symbol.PDF – All the sigil symbols without the circle or text.
Sigil Chart.PDF – A printable chart to create your own sigils

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300 DPI, High-Resolution


8.5 x 11 inches, Scalable Vector Graphic