Color Chart for Magic Spells


Color Chart for Magic Spells. Grimoire pages Magickal Properties & Associations of Colors and uses in Witchcraft, Wicca Digital PDF Download



Magickal Properties of Colors for Spells Color Wheel Vector Download

Create your own spell color wheel or use the traditional definitions for your magick.

The color wheel chart gives you the traditional magickal and metaphysical properties of the colours in witchcraft for your spells, potions, and rituals.

Of course, with magick being so personal, we all have our own meanings and associations for different elements. Record your personal magickal associations for colors using the blank chart.

Two printer-friendly versions are included with transparent backgrounds, great for printing on your own paper. The files are vector-based so you can really scale them up and even print them as a poster if you like.

Magick Colors:

Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, purple, white, silver, black, gold.

Magickal Associations of Colors:

Spell use, flower, herb, scent, crystal, element, zodiac, numbers

Witchcraft Color Chart Digital Download

1 PDF file – 7 pages

  1. Cover – Full color
  2. Cover – Black and White on transparent background
  3. Chart – Full color – Paper background
  4. Chart – Full Background – Transparent background
  5. Chart – Black and white – Transparent background
  6. Chart – Full color – Square paper background
  7. Blank chart – Transparent background
Can print to ANY SIZE

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