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Witchcraft Elements Properties Magickal Uses & Metaphysical Associations. Printable Book of Shadows Grimoire Pages. Digital PDF Download



The elemental witchcraft magick guide lists all the magickal properties, attributes, and associations for the five essential elements in witchcraft. The pages have cross-referenced the five elements by elements, associations, alignments, colours, astrology, heavens, divination, the body, spells and rituals, pentagram, altar tools, music, natural resources, nature, animals, and qualities, making it a great starter kit for the newbie witch.

The Basic Witchcraft Elements are earth, fire, air, water, and spirit. These five elements are believed to govern the root of all existing matter. The elements associated with the watchtowers and cardinal directions are earth, fire, air, and water.

Each element has its own metaphysical associations, traits, properties, and meanings which can be used to empower your magick spells.

Whether you are a beginner witch looking for information and resources to build your grimoire and expand your elemental magick or a seasoned witch looking for beautiful additions to your book of shadows, you will both find the witchcraft elemental properties and metaphysical associations guide makes a great reference.

The Witchcraft Elements Representations
27 Printable high-resolution JPEGs for your Book of Shadows.
A Printer-friendly version is included.

The Witchcraft Elements Pack Contents

The Five Elements in Witchcraft and All Their Associations

The Elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water –  Each is a two-page spread
The Element of Spirit – A one-page spread

Elemental Magick Cross-Reference Charts

  1. The Elements in Witchcraft
  2. Element Associations
  3. Element Alignments
  4. Colours of the Elements
  5. Elements in Astrology – Planets & Zodiac
  6. Elements & the heavens – Goddesses, Gods, Guardian Angels, and Spirit
  7. Elements in Divination – Tarot (Major Arcana and suits), Runes, and cards
  8. Elements & the Body
  9. Elemental Spells and Rituals – Type of magic, ritual forms, actions
  10. Elemental Ritual Work
  11. The Elemental Pentagram
  12. Elements & Altar Tools
  13. Elements in Music
  14. Elements in Natural Resources – Crystals, minerals, stones, metals
  15. Elements in Nature – Plants, herbs, incense
  16. Elements in the Animal Kingdom
  17. Qualities of the Elements

Blank Charts

3 Blank Charts for your own interpretations and magick

Metaphysical Associations Used in The Elemental Witchcraft Pack

Alignment, Energy, Quality, Charge, Qualities, Direction, Pentagram, Contrary, Aspects, Basic Nature, Natural Symbols, Natural Elements, Places, How to Connect, Sabbats, Season, Time of Life, Time of day, Day of Week, Wind, The Soul, Witch’s Pyramid, Realm, Planets, Astrology, Goddesses, Gods, Guardian Angel, Spirit, Cards, Tarots, Runes, Senses, Body, Chakra, Music, Type of Magic, Ritual Forms, Tools, Ritual Work, Actions, Colours, Crystals, Minerals, Stones, Metals, Plants, Herbs, Incense, Animals, Mythical Creatures, Qualities, Positive, Negative


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