Universal Energy Sigil


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Universal energy is with me always – Sigil

This sigil is designed to protect the person that charges it up with universal energy. It will attract positivity, luck, love, and protection while also guiding elements that are in your favor to cross your path.

Chaos Magick Grimoire Pages:

Grimoire page design for chaos magic.

Printable grimoire spell pages are a wonderful collection to add to your book of shadows.
Use the colored design to print on a white piece of paper or you can use the plain one and print on your own choice of paper.

Sigil Symbol:

Symbol stencil. Uses could include stamps, jewellery, wall art, tattoo, t-shirt print… the limit is your imagination.

The single sigil is in vector format and is scalable to any size.

Grimoire Page and Sigil PDF Download

Page 1 – Full page – Full color
Page 2 – Full Page – Black and white on a transparent background.
Page 3 – Sigil Symbol – Transparent background. Vector format and scalable to any size.

All without downloads have no watermark.

Click here to learn how to activate your sigils. 

Additional information


Personal non-commercial use.


8.5 x 11 inches


300 DPI, High-Resolution