Celebrities and Feng Shui: faith in this ancient art
Celebrities and Feng Shui: faith in this ancient art

Celebrities and Feng Shui: faith in this ancient art

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Celebrities and Feng Shui: faith in this ancient art

People from all walks of life have come to accept and introduce Feng shui into their lives with not the least among them being some very high profile celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Madonna. In Asia, it has become such a hit that no Asian entrepreneur would ever dream of investing or opening a new business without his Feng shui master standing right beside him. With the popularity of this ancient Chinese art growing in leaps and bounds, it would be very interesting to find out which popular figures believe in the amazing properties of Feng shui and in what manner they have utilized it for the enhancement of their lifestyles.

Feng shui and its amazing powers can be called some of the best kept secrets among celebrities because no one has so far come forward publicly to claim how successful he or she has been with the use of Feng shui. This, however, does not mean that almost all the big names in the celluloid and sports world have been and are at present involved in getting the best out of their personal Feng Shui strategies. According to what many Masters of Feng shui has to say, all these celebrities have in one way or another incorporated this ancient art into their lives, businesses and even their homes and workplaces.

Bill Gates 
Chairman of Microsoft Corporation is said to be a firm believer of Feng shui, so much so that he wanted his home built in a natural location in keeping with its principles.
Donald Trump
Famous for his business empire which he once lost completely. He now uses Feng Shui to get rid of the negative energies in his surroundings in order to construct buildings that are in harmony with nature. A story that’s making the rounds is that his interest in Feng shui began when he lost a contract to clients who thought his buildings had no Feng Shui.
Johnny Depp 
Famous Hollywood actor has a Feng shui practitioner to purify and bring positive energy to his surroundings.
Richard Branson 
CEO of the Virgin Empire utilizes Feng shui in his business and investment dealings.
Tiger woods
Everyone knows who he is. What most people are asking, however, is, whether he is a victim of bad Feng Shui? Both his parents have Chinese ancestry and could the nickname ‘Tiger’ have brought him misfortune. 2010, after all, was the year of the Tiger and the Tiger element is wood.

Not surprisingly perhaps, there have been many rumours that even the British Royals have received help from Feng shui experts although there’s no way of proving this.  This only goes to show the type of people that are seeking help from Feng shui consultants with many of them being not only celebrities but also high powered businessmen around the world.

Today, you can find many hard-nosed entrepreneurs adding a touch of feng shui to clinch deals while many famous shops in the world such as “Body shop” is said to have been designed using the Feng shui principles.

As Donald Trump was once heard saying “I’m too smart a businessman not to give attention to this 5000-year-old Asian Art.”   Which only goes to prove how much truth and validity there is in Feng Shui.