Feng shui, Elements, Bagua, colours and how they impact on our surrounding energies
Feng shui, Elements, Bagua, colours and how they impact on our surrounding energies

Feng Shui Bagua

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Feng shui, Elements, Bagua, colours and how they impact on our surrounding energies

We hear so much about Feng shui these days and how it’s used to create harmony and balance with nature and the forces that surround us. According to Chinese tradition, everything that happens in life is due to the interaction of the feng shui elements which are metal, fire, wood, earth and water and in order to bring a sense of harmony, the elements must be used properly and to do this you first have to know the symbols they represent.


  • Metal: Colors, gold and white, represents success in business, harvesting and destruction. Symbolic of the adult years.
  • Fire:  Color, red, represents energy, warmth and enthusiasm. Can destroy. Symbolic of puberty.
  • Wood:  Color, green, represents birth, creativity and social aspects.
  • Earth:  Color yellow, represents patience and honesty. Symbolizes youth.
  • Water:  Color black, represents communication, learning, travel, arts and media. An important element for people, animals and plants. Can be calm, silent or violent. Symbolizes old age.


This is a basic tool or map which is widely used by all Feng shui practitioners to create a reading of the home. The names that are given to the different sections of the map can differ according to each map, but the meaning is the same. The chart given here will be helpful in creating a reading for each room in the house. For more serious readings, however, it’s best to consult a professional feng shui practitioner.
  • Wisdom:  knowledge, education, personal & professional development (colours, blue, green & black).
  • Career:  business, life path (colour, black)
  • Family / Ancestors:  family, current relative, ancestors & deceased. (colour, green)
  • Children:  Childlike thinking, creativity, artistic creativity (colour white).
  • Relationships:  love, marriage (colors, pink, red & white)
  • Reputation / Fame:  positive recognition, fame, reputation (color, red).
  • Health:  Physical and mental health (colours, yellow and earth tones).
  • Friends / Travel:  mentors, benefactors, guides, safe travel, helpful people. (Colors, grey-white & black).


Feng shui colours can be applied to any space to perform changes in the environment. By using the five elements and the colours that represent them, you should be able to make an impact on the forces and energies that surround you.
  • Red: to boost energy and passionate life. Should not be used where sunlight falls heavily and don’t paint the entire bedroom red.
  • Orange: to draw people together and good to be used in areas like the living room and kitchen. Avoid if self-development is required.
  • Yellow:  to boost morale and energy and to make you feel happy. Great colour for the study and kitchen. Don’t use if you don’t like to grow old before your time.
  • Green:  Stimulates growth, inspiration, adventure and change. Should be used in the library or exercise room, but avoid if suffering from cancer or feeling stagnant.
  • Blue: Reflection & Relaxation helps ease anxiety. Best for bathrooms but not to be used if suffering from depression.
  • Purple: wealth & Power also associated with spirituality. Ideal for a meditation room or spa. Not good for those who live in a fantasy world.
  • Black: promotes self-confidence & independence but should be avoided if you prefer to live alone.
  • White: the colour of purity, promotes creativity and good for the kitchen or art studio. Not recommended for those who don’t like to praise others.
The Elements, Bagua and colours of feng shui all have to come together to create perfect harmony in your surroundings and to promote success. An in-depth study of the various aspects of feng shui, however, is necessary to create a better understanding of this ancient art of magical living to ensure the greatest impact on energies that surround you.